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Monday, April 30, 2007

   Haha. I missed it agian.


I've been on MyOtaku for three years since this last April 17th. XD I missed it agian just like last year.

Shall I be like an old person and go on a big ol' story tellin' adventure about MyO in it's early days? XD No, I won't. I'd bore every one to death. Actually...I don't have anything to say other than its grown emensialy. ...erin can't spell... :P

So, my mom ordered me a Death Note notebook last night. Yay!! I'm gunna cosplay L at the con in June. And yea, I know...L doesn't use the Death Note but hey...it'll be fun to have. And I'd like to eventually do a Death Note group cosplay. It's be cool if I could do that with my friends later on this year. :)

Well...I think thats it. I just wanted to say Happy 3rd Anni. to me. :D

And yo...check it out... (I just uploadedthese so some of you might not to be able to see them till later...sorry.)


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Emo Dude Practice. Xd

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