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Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another Wedding Update...
Hey all! Everything's set for the wedding, I'm really nervous. Good news, Fuyu can be at the wedding. Bad news, no best friend or students still. The Dojo was a perfect place for the wedding, we have some stuff set up early. Yesterday was a busy day for me, I had to get the cake arranged, set up the chairs in the Dojo, drive Fuyu to and from school, arrange music, arrange tables, help Fuyu clean up the yard, (we have a huge yard all around the Dojo) and about a hundred other things. Sky has rented a bus to carry his family from the airport on the 1st, Fuyu bought a new camera (need footage for all of you) and tomorrow Sky and I are attending a pre-wedding party at one of my students' house, it was a surprise until Fuyu slipped up.) My leg is better now, the doctor said I could walk again but would have to be very careful. That's what I did yesterday, today I have to finish setting up the Dojo and pick up a few other things. Time for me to get moving, Later All~!
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