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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Hey all! It's been really sunny out lately, but I'm different I think rain's better than sun. But I'm glad the weather was nice yesterday so Fuyu and Sky could go to the matsuri (Festival.) I couldn't go since my leg's screwed up, but I think it was better this way, Fuyu and Sky bonding as Son and Father at a matsuri, what could be better? They were gone for about 5 hours but Kuro stayed with me just in case I needed anything- !!! -That reminds me, I never told why Kuro's staying with us! This happened while Sky's sister was with us around Saturday. Kuro's family went bankrupt and Kuro came to us for help. He said he'd work as my private butler not only to make it up to me for all the annoyances and betrayals but for low pay, I agreed and now Kuro is my Prinny! I figured it would be a pain but Kuro is being super sweet, he (on his own will) wanted to skip the matsuri just to stay with me. So now my little family is made up of the two men in my life, Sky and Fuyu, and our butler, Kuro...too many men...need the company of a girl...Later all!
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