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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Banana Bomb: Wedding Arrangements 2
Hey all! How's all doing? I'm good (with the exception of my broken leg.) I've had a ton of free time since I've had to cancel all my scheduled classes. Fuyu has another girlfriend, this ones name is Aki. Sky's been running errands for me, which is always nice. My old Kendo nemesis, Kurokawa, is now one of my best friends, but his blunt rudeness makes it really hard for me to not hit him. Kuro and Sky have been hanging out ever since Sky taught Kuro American Football. Yesterday, Sky told me Kuro was gonna be his best man at the wedding. I haven't picked my maid of honer yet, but I was thinking of choosing an old college friend of mine, I just gotta find a way to get a hold of her. While everyone else is busy all I'm doing is sitting around the dojo, being bed ridden is a pain... That's about all for now, later all!
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