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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Banana Bomb: Sister, Godmother, and Wife!
Hey all! How's all been? Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, it's been hectic here. First off, I had to help Sky get his car (yes, it was shipped over) and his license. His license was expired so first I had to drive him to the DMV and get that crap set up, then I drove him to the port to get his truck. I put my Vespa in his car and we drove home. At home my students were waiting by the gate, I had completely forgotten the lesson for the day. I usually meet all of my students at the bottom of the trail and we walk up to my dojo, I did my lesson for the day. Then the next day, I made more arrangements for our wedding while Sky slept away the day. The following day was Fuyu's first day of 7th grade and the first time he went to a Public school. Me and Sky spent the day inside, we've been having tons of rain and flooding, some 45 year old lady drowned it was so bad. I picked up Fuyu from school using Sky's truck (I've never driven a truck, or a car for that matter.) I brought him home and helped him with homework for 3 1/2 hours or so and today I've just been laying around the dojo, literally, we don't have furniture yet, there was no way for me to get it here until Sky's truck got here. Later I'm gonna have Sky get the furniture I ordered and hopefully this time it's in one piece... Yeah, so I've been really busy, I hope to update more often starting soon. Until next time, later all!
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