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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Banana Bomb: a Complete Family
Hey all! Fuyu and I took a trip to my Grandparents house on the Vespa yesterday to tell them the news. Sky couldn't come with us, he had to go pick up some of his stuff, plus there was no more room on the Vespa and it's the only vehicle we have until Sky gets a car. I feel safe now that Sky's gonna live with me, he's strong and around 6 foot tall. So anyway, when me and Fuyu got to our Grandparents house they were inside yelling all kinds of stuff. I ran inside and they were yelling at the TV, Majide was on, it's their favorite game show... So once that was over I told them I was gonna get married in May to Sky, they remember Sky from when they came to get me in America. Grandma was really happy for me and told me to get him down there so they could have tea. Grandpa, on the other hand, started crying out of happiness and he said "You're just like your mother, I'm so proud for you." My mother didn't marry a Japanese man she married an Indian man. Then we stayed and talked awhile. When we headed home I got a call from Sky, he got his stuff home, but wanted to know why there was a raccoon in the house. I got home and then it hit me, I have a family of my own now and I started to cry tears of joy. I'm so happy it just breaks loose as tears or laughing. That's bout it for now, later all!
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