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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage! This Time It's FINAL!!!
Hey all! I was proposed to again, but before I cover that, I have other news. First off, mine and Aniki's Birthday was great. My students and Fuyu threw us a party. Then it was interrupted by an annoying yell from the front gate. I went to see who was yelling for me and it was Kuro. He said sorry and he gave me a present, then he started to ask me out when Aniki walked up, then Kuro got scared and ran off. Kuro's present was his most prized steel sword, I found this kinda sweet... Anyway, after the party Aniki asked me if I wanted to walk the mountain trail (this was our 5th walk on the trail.) Then when we reached the end of trail the sun setting and Aniki gets on one knee and says "Kimi we've been through a lot together. When I first started to take care of you I just thought of you as the nicest kid I've ever met but now I look at you and see a great person." I was blushing and kinda confused, then he says "Kimi will you marry me?" I first heard the "Awww" from my students who were in the bushes down the trail. I thought about the other times I was asked and how I was betrayed, then I thought about who asked me and what all he's done for me, then I said "Yes" then I hear "Hell Yeah!!!" from Fuyu who was behind a tree. So me and Aniki - scratch that, now that I'm gonna marry him I can't call him Aniki (Bro) so now I'll use his real name! So me and Skylar/Sky are getting married!!!!! He's having his stuff shipped here now, but he's still gonna be a Lawyer, only now he's a Lawyer for Japan. I am more happy now than ever before! I know Sky won't betray my trust, I've made a lot of dumbass mistakes in my life but this won't be one! We're getting married next May. I wondered why he was so throw off when my students mentioned us being a perfect couple. Fuyu's really happy too, seeing as when me and Sky get married, Sky will be his dad. That's about it for now, I've gotta set stuff up, later all!
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