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Monday, July 28, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Kurokawa: Grudge Match 2 Finale
Hey all, how's all doing? So as you know I had to have another Kendo match against my ex, Kuro. So I arrived at the battle ground and all my students were there waiting for me, Kuro's students were there but it looked like Kuro was paying them when I got there. So we started off using the wooden swords, it was the normal I hit you, you try and hit me fight, with me winning. That went on for a little over 30 min. then he got pissed and said time for the real swords. Then he pulled his steel sword out and slashed my wood blade, this was a little scary because Kuro was obsessed with winning. My students and especially Fuyuki are pissed, but I told them to stay out and Kuro's students are leaving. I refused to fight back, I didn't wanna provoke him or seriously hurt him, I could tell the blade was dull but it's a steel blade none the less. So this goes on for 5 minutes or so then the police arrive and cuff him, I don't know who called them, but thank god, I wasn't about to get cut up by Kuro. I'm just glad something Osaka didn't happen, either him stabbing me or me stabbing him, I have these moments were something will remind me of that night and I attack to kill, should it have been Kuro I'd probably be the one in jail. Well at least he's out of my hair for a little bit, his family is loaded so he got out in the morning though. As for me and Akane, we broke up, she said she couldn't take the way I was so active all the time, what ever. Fuyuki broke up with Miyabi in order to date the DD in my class, she's a nice girl but she can easily be taken advantage of, I hope Fuyu isn't gonna use that to his advantage (he has a lot of stuff to do around the Dojo). That's about it for now, later all.
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