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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Thinking Back
Hey all! Last night I spent my time alone, it was one of those days when you need time to think to yourself, so I sat alone in my Dojo or practiced Kendo. Most the stuff I thought about was how my life was before I moved to Japan. How I was with my parents for a year in America before they died, how Aniki saved me, how being a sister is easier than being a parent, just random stuff. Then Akane stopped by for a little while and we talked for bit, did other stuff, then she left. Then I started thinking how my life was after I moved to Japan. How I seen almost all of Japan, how scar-less my body was before the Osaka Incident, how being a parent is funner than being a sister. Yeeaah I feel old now... Later all.

What's this, a short post?!

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