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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Banana Bomb Vs. Marriage!?
Hello everyone! Last night was the Oita Festival, me, Fuyu, and Kato went together, and something huge happened. Here's the story, last night/this morning at 12:00am we went and found a spot to sit for the fireworks, Fuyuki fell asleep so Kato was carrying him. We found the perfect spot overlooking the lake where no one else was and we set up our stuff. Half way into the fireworks (Fuyu was still asleep) Kato turns to me and stands on one knee and he said (in his best English) "Will you Marry me K****i K***o?" and I responded "..." (I was surprised/in shock). Then he says (in Japanese) "I love you and I always have, from the time we were 5 to when we talked when you were in America to now and forever," Then I said "Yes!" So now me and Kato are engaged to be married in August of `09! I'm so excited! When I couldn't talk I was thinking almost exactly what he was saying in the moments after that. I told Fuyu a little bit ago and he was really happy for us. So now me, Kato, and Fuyuki are on the road together and when our adventure is over, we'll live together in America. I'm so happy, later all!

BTW That part up there that says K****i K***o, that's my real Japanese name, I just go by Kimmi because its my American name and I love America, that's also why Kato tried to speak English and also why he's getting us a house in America.

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