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Hey!!! hope u like my site. and dont 4-get 2 leave a comment!!!o-yea and sighn my guest book (dont 4-get)
love ya!!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

  i just got back from gulf shores yesterday i had fun but i couldnt go 2 waterville it waz closed so we went 2 an amusement park. my fav thing waz 2 ride the go cartz. but i almost got kicked off just because i hit my friend on the other go kart and and got both of us stuck.that waz just freakin messed up!!!
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Monday, April 3, 2006

   im fried!!!!!!!
this past saturday i went 2 bellingraph gardens 4 a car and truck show and i waz outside all day and im so burnt on my chest,my shoulders and my back.the funny thing is that i didnt get burnt on my face.but i can not hardly do ne-thing cause i cant move!!! i cant even carry my book bag on my back.ne-hoo g2g by!!! @_@
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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

  this afternoon when i got on tha bus i had an orange high lighter and i waz sittin there markin on every 1 then 1 of my friend tried to take it from me and she couldnt so this little freaky dude gave her a brown marker so then i had brown markes all over my face! i looked so funny!!! when i stood up 2 get off tha bus every 1 noticed my face and started laughing but it waz ok cause my friend had marks all over her face 2.so its all good! *_*
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Monday, March 6, 2006

   school....... (ya i know just read it)
school waz so fun 2-day cause i waz so hiper.first i waz laughing about stupid things in homeroom then i went 2 give my friend a note in between classes and i slid down in tha rocks. in my last class my sub waz gettin on my last nerve omg.. so my friend drew my sub and i added all kinds of stupid freaky things on her!!! finally on tha bus 1 of my guy friends sat wit me and i waz just flirtin wit him A LOT just playin around and now i think he likes me.eewwww........... if u saw him u would say tha same just trust me u would!!!******pop-rocks r so good**********
love ya

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

   im fallin asleep..........
im so tired cause its like 12 and i have no clue y im on line but o-well im just kinda crazy like that.so i've looked at some of the animae and the only kool 1s i've seen is the chobits. so i need help now, tell me witch 1s u like so i can check it out!!!

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