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Sunday, April 29, 2007

My prom fucking sucked yesterday. My all-day date wasn't all that great, either. There was a corset top that I bought at AO that I wanted to wear for my all-day date, but, as per usual, my parents had to throw a hissy fit over me being "risque" because I dress so risque all the time. you know, those low cut shirts and those miniskirts they just fill my closet. Mom wanted me to "give the poor boy a break." Let's see, we've been dating for about a year and a half now, so even to her mind, there shouldn't be much we haven't tried. But let's not go into just how far we HAVE gone. So basically it was a big fight and I couldn't leave until I put a shirt on over my corset...which I promptly took off after I left Bryan's house. But at Bryan's house, Cherri said we couldn't watch Phantom of the Opera in Bryan's room because she was cleaning her house (and honestly, the only difference in the mess was that it had moved from the wall to the couch. Oh my god, I haven't seen that mess before) and Hailey and his dad weren't home, so she didn't want us alone downstairs. Hello! Now there's no little kid we can scar if we DO do anything! So after lunch at Primo's we called Chris and asked if we could watch Phantom at his house. Where I got signed up by Christine to have my hair done. That took an hour out of our time to watch our movie. By the time we really started it, we had to go to get into our dress clothes. I had to drive Bryan home to get him into his suit then I had to get home and change before pictures. After pictures, we ate dinner at the Brick Oven Bistro again. I made myself a little sick by over drinking my root beer float. We had to drive out 40 minutes, though, to get to the prom place. We got there an hour early. And left an hour early, too. The music was absolute crap. There might have been five slow dance songs, but after that it was three straight hours of hip hop songs that, even though I listen to them everyday, I would not dance to them. People can form mosh pits to them, but not dance. I kept hoping it would get better, but I wanted to cry with how I had spent $30 on tickets for nothing. I didn't dance once last night. So I've determined that I'm going to hold my own prom with some friends with ACTUAL slow songs. Driving back from the winery, I couldn't listen to my normal rock stations because I'd been listening to that music for so long. The love song/oldies station kept me entertained until this afternoon. The school's just lucky that this was my junior prom, or I would be so upset.
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