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Hi there, fellow myotaku users!
My name is Kimi. I've been on(well not really)myotaku for at least four or five years now. I don't get on it anymore...unless someone leaves a message or if i'm bored and think HEY. I SHOULD CHECK IT NOW. xD

If you would like to add me, go ahead! And to make things easier, add my xanga or myspace below. -points-
Some of my random info is on the left. And well...i don't know what else to say. xD

I hope you kids enjoyed this site as much as i did. :)



Sunday, June 25, 2006

   W0W! o.O;;
My Statistics
Total Visits 10868

Popularity Ranking # 31 (out of approximately 45,000 active sites)

Total Members 377,363

Its been 98476293476 years
since ive been on here.
How has everyone been?

Well, i dont knoe what to fill up
on with you kids. But everything has
been js fine. I hope summer has
been dandy thus far for you guys.

Oh yes.


I wish i can reply to all of those.
But i cant. There's too much. e.e
Well, i CAN..but thats like, 9847694 hours.
So if you dont get a message back,
(like you havent at ALL. >__>;;)
then...you MIGHT get one..someday...
or not. D:


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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well, well kids. I've decided to drop by again. Yay. I think...xD Not sure what to say tho...i'll prollie stop updating on this..for a while. But do not fret children, i'll go back on sometime...later...lol. Of cours,e i dont think you would CARE in the first place...strange tho, my popularity ranking skyrocketed to 24! xD Yes, unusual. Cough, ANYWAYS. Just updating for the hell of it, but i hope you kids have a very nice && merry Christmas! :D! See you kids then.

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Friday, December 2, 2005

Hi kids.

Bye kids.
I have no idea what else to say..its been too long to say anything. Um, just lately im goin to All-Region band LOL. Yea..&& life's been real different. And various other things, like this 1 guy, that is assumingly my friend likes me...again..lmao he's pSyChO! xD K well, whenever im bore di'll write meaningless nonsense upon this site, ok? Alrite. =]


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