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hey peoples i hope you visit my site and dunt mind being my friend or whatevr. i also dont mind getting commnets or suggestions on some stuff i know its empty rite now but there will b stuff in da near future ^^

hey ive been on since i started undating my site but right now i am so bored*yawn* i dunt have much to say so um.......dont 4gt to sign my bg and pm me ^^

ihts tha 20th of december 2005 im reeeeaally sorry for not posting anything new up i know i suck at this but i will if i knew how....plz forgive me ppl *bows apologizing*

I'm lazy. Leave me alone. -_-

Kurama and Karasu- Faint
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my fav....or use to be.....enjoy^^

Tokyo Mew Mew Theme Song
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Featured Quiz Result:

Uniqueness- Your inner power is
Uniqueness! You are very different from
everyone around you, and you like it that
way. In fact, youd be furious if you were
anything else. To the world outside you are a
buoyant, fun loving person, and are probably
pretty popular. Yet deep down you feel the
urge to be accepted as who you are, and
desperately want someone who is truly there
for you. You are very indecisive and change
your mind regularly over just about anything.
Youre very opinionated, and bulldoze over
anyone who doesnt share your views. At times
you can be very depressed, though few people
realise it with your animated personality.
You are great fun to be around, and enjoy
shocking people with your out there views and
beliefs. At times however, your urge to be
different can work against you, as people
dont often enjoy their ideas of right and
wrong having any shades of grey. But dont let
them get to you; youre an awesome person who
many love. You have no doubt heaps of
friends, but dont always have that close
friend/s that you want and need. You strive
to be accepted for who you are, and are
protective and loyal to those who earn your
trust. Although at times you think there may
be no one there, look around. There is
someone in the shadows who desperately wants
to be your friend, who maybe you just havent
noticed. Dont let anyone get you down, youre
the one who gives this boring world
excitement and culture. Keep it up! Boy/Girl who will sweep you off your feet:
Someone different and independent. Someone
who isnt your typical male/female, who can
accept that not everything has to be black
and white, and yes, there are many, many
shades of grey. Your stone/jewel: Amethyst Your power: Difference/Change. This is
the ability to make a difference in the
world, to create new ideas and opinions, and
to open up the minds of others to show that
there is more than one shade of grey. Your element: Electricity/Lightening A quote that applies to you: "Id
much rather to be hated for who I am than
loved for who Im not."

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