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Monday, March 7, 2005

Hey guys, *yawns* i just got up after a 4 hour sleep, i think ive been staying up to long, today was boring day, not much really happened, we just reviewed some stuff to get ready for the last test. Aniwaise im not sure about this but is everyone else in this whole intire USA going back to school in late August?, The Burke County schools (NC's Name for the whole intire school districe) said that, but were getting out in early June instead of Late May. Thats All Sorry for a Boring Post. I May be cahnging the Theme somewhere this Week. Sorry If I dont get to all your site, my computer is really messing up.

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Saturday, March 5, 2005

Hey Guys Let Me ask You This:"If You Get Injured on a Job, and you come back from the Hospital, and The Manager fires you Cause He/She thinks your a Dumbass, just because your Azn(No Offence i'm azn too), and your Lawyer sues them, and tells them that they must pay you 1,000 dollars every month, whose the Dumb one here, yeah and this actually happened to one of My relatives. Aniwaise sorrie for not getting around to your sites, my PC is getting kinda messed up, it won't let me vist some of you guys for some reason, so if you didnt see a comment from me yesterday thats why, I'll try to vist you guys if i can. Later.

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Friday, March 4, 2005

Hey guys not much happened today, just got chased my 5 Dogs, for letting my Guard Down, aniwasie my Friend just joined theO, and told me to fix her page, the problem is that she dont no her Password.Well i gatta go, got lots of homework.

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Hey I've sorry for not posting for 3 days, I was to Lazy to post Tuesday, Had the writting test Wednesday, and went to the Skatting Ring, Today was kinda Like H***, we took those Tests Kinda Like The Last Test to see if your ready for the next Grade Level, they were kinda hard, the Math Problems were hard, the Teacher Said "Well Smart Students Get The Hrd Test Booklet and The Mental Ones Get The Easy Ones", Yeah Sure, 5 Students in our Class Made Straight A's during the Fall and Winter and they get the Easy Ones, I Think my School is Just Races againest Hispanics and Azn People, i think its because they can't tell if were Cusing or not. Aniways I hope you Guys Like The New Saiyuki Theme, I Couldnt stop Lookin at this Pixy!!!! I Loved it so much, I Guess Cause My 2 Fine A** Bushies Are In Their "Sanzo and Hakkai" *Drools*. Enjoy ^-^.

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Monday, February 28, 2005


NO SCHOOL TODAY!, Never thought it would snow at The end of Feburary, it snowed about 8 inches, were suppose to be getting around 3 more inches by this afternoon. Aniwaise the Picture yesterday was a Picture of my Favorite Korean Band "GOD", I'm not sure when to Put up my new theme yet it maybe another Final Fantasy Layout, Okay I gatta go, Lei and Kasu are annoying me to play Snowball Fight with them.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Hey guys today was pretty much like everyday but kinda differ my parents cancelled my Cable they said that they'll get the 200 channels instead of the 100 channels pretty cool huh? they said that if i keep improving my grades and stuff i can have the 200 channels, and i mostly just watched a couple of reruns on Saiyuki, Inuyasha, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Wolf's Rain (on my PC), played some games for the rest of the day, aniwasie heres a picture, can you guess who they are ? (NOTE:I Know My Azn Buddies Know Them)

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Back I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back! I'm Back!*clears thorat* *coughs coughs* Yep I'm Back! *HUGS ALL!*
You Guys, Did Ya Miss Me?, I Definitly missed ya esipically Matsuo, Shanny, Brooke, Garbo, Vanessa, Mari, Jill, Shinkiro, Constance, Ishimaru, Dany, Alex and Richard, Georgia was fun, but Florida was funner. Anyways ill try to return GuestBook entries, and vist all of you guys again, i no its been so long since i've been on here, vacation and family stuff have been going on lately, i was gunno post pictures of where we went but it turns out our scanner is broken and dosent work anymore, i guess it was getting old. When we came back our friends anf family just had a party for us, i just played a few one on one games with my friends and cuzins. Okay see Ya! *Sorry If I Annoyed Ya during the First Part of my Post^_~*, Right now i'm just surfin through yahoo and google to see Cheats for Dynasty Warriors 5 ,You Guys should Play It well you guys should play the series of Dynasty Warriors, Its so Cool!, You Just Need to Have Self-Control over yourself when you die and it's a game over or when time runs out, or your leader dies, and most importantly you must know how to read a Map, and learn the controls, and willing to play on Hard or Maybe in the avanced Mode:Extremly Hard(My Level Dude)when you've mastered Infant, easy and Normal. It's coming out in like 4 Weeks I Think. Okay See Ya have a Nice Saturday!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Hey Ya!, Ka's on Vacation at Georgia she won't be back until somewhere in April or March, i dont really remenber, Ka just wanted me to tell ya and let you guys know. And to change her Theme (by emailing me her Graphics). Later. Loving the One and Only PlayBoi Stud a.k.a Dean Vwj

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Hey guys today was pretty crappy, the valentine's dance was awful, i couldnt believe it all of the pretty girls and all the cute guys who were at the dance were SINGLES!, i was like where's your man/woman at?, and there anserw was "over their trying to score with the ugly rich chicks! and guys!", yeah it was crappy i spent most of the time at the dance talking with single girls and boys and hanging out with my pals, you know once you think about it being single isnt bad. Yeah i got candy, roses and cards, from my friends and family, im sorry if i dont get to your sites today, oh and thanks you all for 3,000 HITS! *hugs all*

And Thanx to Those who Sent me V-day cards, *hugs* Luv ya All

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Hey guys is it just me, or did theO fucked up for everyone else?, aniwasie if you didnt recieve a valentines card from me its because of that and if you didnt see a comment in your post from me, ill send you guys (my best buds) the valentines cards today and try to vist everyone today, okay thats all later! PEACE OUT!

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