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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Hey I've sorry for not posting for 3 days, I was to Lazy to post Tuesday, Had the writting test Wednesday, and went to the Skatting Ring, Today was kinda Like H***, we took those Tests Kinda Like The Last Test to see if your ready for the next Grade Level, they were kinda hard, the Math Problems were hard, the Teacher Said "Well Smart Students Get The Hrd Test Booklet and The Mental Ones Get The Easy Ones", Yeah Sure, 5 Students in our Class Made Straight A's during the Fall and Winter and they get the Easy Ones, I Think my School is Just Races againest Hispanics and Azn People, i think its because they can't tell if were Cusing or not. Aniways I hope you Guys Like The New Saiyuki Theme, I Couldnt stop Lookin at this Pixy!!!! I Loved it so much, I Guess Cause My 2 Fine A** Bushies Are In Their "Sanzo and Hakkai" *Drools*. Enjoy ^-^.

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