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Hello! welcome to my site! Please feel free to sign my guestbook, as I will be happy to return the favor! As you can probably tell I love Tsubasa and practically every other anime! Hope we can be friends!!!
~*Aurora and Borealis*~
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Friday, February 20, 2009

We have a confession to make… Although we quite ashamed for not telling you before…
Aurora is tsubasachro and Borealis is wallpaperotaku
Aurora Borealis began as an account for our combined work but it has evolved into something much greater. We love all our friends very much, and we hope that you forgive us and that you do not misperceive our intensions.

(aka tsubasachro and wallpaperotaku)

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

hmmmm.. what to do?
Okay, so I know we don't update My Otaku much, but Aurora and I were just wondering...how to say this....
Would you all hate us if we told you we each had another account on theO?
I don't think we've done anything wrong... But we've just become so attached to our friends on this account that sometimes we feel bad they dont know who Aurora and Borealis are.... Some of you are friends of both accounts! And sometimes we forget. So do you want to know what our other accounts are?
Please dont kill us for keeping this secret!
lol. actually, aurora said she's surprised no one has noticed. Maybe you could even guess who we are.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's been awhile...
Aurora here!!! Borealis is currently drawing... "WORK BOREALIS! WORK!!!" Muahahaha!!!

So anyways, Borealis is working hard at a table near me! and having me scan lots of stuff... TT_TT Soooooo much scanning!

Borealis: my turn.... Reads over what aurora just said.... !........ ... .. . Who's working? Im playing.... drawing tsubasa characters is fun. Its YOU who will be working with contrast and dealing with my bad suggestions.....

Aurora: Wow! Wait! Hold up there! What suggestions...?

Borealis: I have... plans... for combining a few pictures and coloring some with our speckle technique.... and some wacky fonts featuring TSUBASA!!! can always be pasted in the middle of my artwork, thanks to

Aurora: Come now we're boring the readers...

B: did you know that facetious is spelled weirdly?

A: ...
How 'bout let's explain how we met?

B. a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... I was exploring a strange planet in the alpha quadrant

A: Oh dear... Our mutual love of SciFi is coming out...
B: dont interrupt! anyways... a long time ago in the alpha quadrant.... glares at Aurora... hm. hm. I was exploring a strange planet on a mission assigned to me by Captain Picard. It was my duty to find an organism there with a sign of intelligence to help the federation combat the evils of the death star!!!!! THats when I found her....

A: That... is... NOT how we met... Lets sum it up with there was school, a monster, a tree, flying lessons and ended up in a blood contract... Now I am stuck with her....

B: Thats not quite true either... I was in school one day and you had a wish to stop seeing the monsters that inhabited a tree. I
granted your wish as the space time witch that I was, but as payment you had to teach me to fly....

A: WHAT!?! >.< Thats not it! Don't believe anything she says and IAm sorry for such a looooong post...

WE will now be taking questions...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey, its me Borealis! Ive been working on artwork lately so Im going to put Aurora to work! :P
Aurora! be prepared.
hopefully i can post new artwork soon!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   Anybody out here???
WoW is it just us or has the otaku been practically empty lately? Nobody seems to be updating and since we've watched the recently added wallpapers(4 hours) only 3 new wallpapers have been added!!! We thought the weekend gave people MORE time, not LESS! WHERE IS EVERYBODY??????

~* Aurora Borealis*~

P.S. We do not have multiple personality disorder we are two SEPERATE people.

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