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Hiya people and welcome! im so glad people came *weals up with tears* im ok really just go look around and stuff *swats hand away* go go go! oh one more thing go visit my website its not done but still please visit ^-^ arigatou

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

wow i havent updated here in ages...well anyway if you dooo wanna know bout whats up with me i advise you to go to mah live journal account at www.livejournal.com/~aurora_ookami cause i completely forgot about this blog thingy XD
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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   I LIVE!
ok the reason for lack of updates is cause mah comp had a virus XD so i shall up date more often if i be memberin!
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Thursday, June 17, 2004

   whats with the dreams o_O
mkay last night i had a batch of weird arse dreams o_o here they are...

ok one of em was that i was dorming with this person, i dunno who but i was in they house which was in the forest and was like a cabin o_O....anyway next thing i remember ayames of fruits basket outside cookin on a grill. im all like "yay food!" cause i didnt eat hardly anything that day >.> anyway after that all i can remember is us puttin ayame in a coffin o_o;;;

in another one is that roy from fma was "babysitting" me and my brother tyler. we were sittin at this table and well roy was standing beside me sort of servaling the area cause we were at like a fast food place or somethin in a mall but the weird thing was roy had on a trenchcoat o_O it was a nice coat though XD anyway i was flippin through a phone book that had all kinds of ads in it. i found a ferret ad and i said "roy get me a ferret." he didnt look down he just said "no they to expensive and you wouldnt take care of it." i frowned and flipped through it again. i came across an ad for braclets. heres my expression o_O "no no no no braclets." roy looks over and says "youre a girl. ill get you that cause they cheap." i said "hellz no!" he shruged and went back to servalin. flippin again i found legos. thats when i said "roy i want legos." he said raisin an eyebrow "legos?" and i said "yeah i want legos" as soon as i said that a guy with a box of legos walks past. me and roy stare at him and he smiles at us lookin at us. then he walks away and i say "we should have got him.."

last one i remember was kinda a reoccering one o_O ok first off we in this sewer thing but its like a freakin obsticle course and the water is like pool water. theres this weird arse fish person thing that really creeps me out. it chases us through the course thing. the first time i had the dream it was trying to eat us or somethin and it had got me too but i woke up. damn kid couldnt catch me.... anyway! this time my friends were in the sewer o_o i mean every friend i got in high school almost. ok so i saw the fish and i ran over to penny and said "hey penny gimme yo knife right quick" he asked why of course cause well i shouldnt have sharp objects XD i told him i was gonna kill the fish. by the time he pulled out the knife the fish was comin at me so i ran to the obsticle course i go through it and the fish is followin meh to shorten the story i asked penny for the knife a few more times but eventually he made friends with the fish and i found out it wasnt such a bad fish so i didnt try to kill it any more but it still creeps the hell out of me! and that obsticle corse can rot in hell -_- i went through it like 7 times...

so my question is WHATS WITH THE WEIRD DREAMS?! @_@

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Thursday, June 10, 2004


thats the ritsu expression i made!

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   Wolfs Rain-ish?
Ok last night when I was over my cousin's house I had the weirdest dream @_@ I'll tell what I remember.

First off I rememeber being on a ariel ship like in games. All metal and such but the room I was in had a golden brick all around and a small pond. There were trees too in little circle things like on sidewalks. At first I was writing something on the wall but I forgot what it said..Then another wall said something else but I forgot that too..Someone was carrying some black beads and dropped them on the ground and they started to form words but Haskins came by and poured more beads on it so it messed up the message >< I yelled at him about messing it up. I picked up a hand full of the beads and let them fall threw my fingers. They started to form a new message though. I don't remember what it said either. I repeated it voicelessly to myself but Haskins came over again and poured beads on it again. I hit him in the arm and he walked away.

Then I woke up for a short minute and went back to sleep. This is the second part. During both the second and first part it was all in my point of view. Though at some parts it was at a dog or wolfs view so it was at a lower angle.

In this part I remember being in a buliding and running up stairs to somewhere. This was in the wolfs eye view. I was looking for the president or manager or what ever of the tall buliding. I kept looking and this secrtary woman saw me(this was my eye view). She asked if I was looking for the president and I nodded. She told me I would have to take the elevator to his office and not the stairs. She went with me to the elevator. I almost pressed the button with my paw(?! dont ask) but the secretary pressed it so I waited paicently till we go to the floor. The evelator made the 'ping' sound. I jumped at the door scratching for it to open with my paws. The door opened and I raced down the hall as the secretary waved and went back down to her floor. I found a room with red curtians where ever there were doors. The main door was glass and the room was glass as well. I opened the door with my hands(my view). I quickly ran into the area of the room with the desk, past where the secretary would sit. A short pudgy man in red robes and a hat like the man in the emporors new groove. The one who was going to give kuzko his bride. Anyway I jumped on the desk looking around(wolf view). I jumped off the table and ran to another part of the glass office room. Jumping on another desk the pudgy man in robes entered the room through the red curtians. I pounced on him knocking him over and running back to the secretary part of the office. The pudgy man asked if I was looking for the president and again I nodded(my view). He said that I would have to take the elevator to a lower level to find him. I used the steps this time(wolf view). On the lower level it looked like a shipping factory with crates and cranes. I run past all the people still searching. Eventually I come across a area that looks like a Shopping Save or Shnucks or Krogers or whatever. I ran down an alie and saw some children yelling and fighting about something. I stopped growling at them making them cry. I started running again and people started yelling "Wolf! Wolf! There's a wolf in the buliding!" I suddenly came to a stop. A man wearing a purple cape and black long shirt and pants came walking towards me. He had a purple mohawk and kind of looked like that guy with the blue mohawk from Yu Yu Hakusho that Yusuke fought. I collappsed on the ground breathing heavily staring at him(that WAS alot of running I did). He looked at me smiling. "You've been looking for me?" he asked. I stood up(my view) and said yes. Next I remember we were walking down some steps. "I'm not a demon you know," he chuckled saying. His ears were kind of pointed like a elfs though. I said, "I'm half demon but my friends don't mind it." I laughed as well. Next I remember we were in a cafe kind of thing talking. Hoseki was sitting at a table across from us saying that I had to go some where with her. Her family was there too.

After that I woke up XD I just thought it was a weird yet interesting dream. On another note! I saw the most halariously weird anime ever XD Its called Puni Puni Poemi and its from the maker of Excel Saga. Now it IS 17+ and it has its reasons for it. Its not porn though for all you people who may be thinking that! It just has suggestive themes at some times. There was this one girl who was a bondage queen so she could get through college XD Even though it was two episodes and didn't make much sence, it was pretty damn funny. Well I got the June issue of Newtype and they have a interview with the woman who does Ed's voice in Full Metal Alchemist! She's very pretty. Well thats all so I gonna watch the Mtv Movie Awards XD Pleasent dreams!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

i changed the color of the site ^_^ its blue for yue! i should find some pics for a back ground and a pic to post in the intro thing but i dont know how to post pics though @_@
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