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Friday, August 17, 2007

School has started and it's bringing the pain....

Hello all! Today is Friday, I started school on Wednesday. Sorry I haven't been on, it's been busy, plus the internet is down in my room, it's a pretty big disapointment but I guess it's a good thing considering that the year just started and I should start regulating my time responsibly so that I won't get sidetracked or something.
Anyways, I can safely say that I don't like high school, but I can't say that I hate it. I start off the day in my French 2 class with the awesomest people. They're hilarious. It's like watching television at school. The only freshmen in the class are all people I know (save for one transferee) and the sophomores and juniors are really lighthearted it seems. The teacher is so much different and seemingly a lot better than my middle school teacher. Plus, this one worked for the CIA (nothing drastic or anything, but it's still pretty cool) There's even this one game we played that was tell two truths and a lie and this one kid, one of the sophomores I think, guessed everyone's lie correctly (except for maybe one or two people) it was so funny and creepy at the same time.
Anyways after that I follow one of my friends to my next class (without him I'd be so lost) and then after that I go to the worst math class ever, Honors Algebra. It's not even interresting. The teacher is just basically...well, it's like he has no personality. Either way he's pretty old fashioned.
After that I have lunch and then homeroom, I stay in homeroom until my Honors World History class which is awesome since I don't have to move at all. When that's over I go to my most favorite class: Honors Integrated Physical Science. Mr. Allen is so awesome. He's not even that funny but he's really the teacher who seems to have the most personality (even though he has a strange name obsession). After that I have PE...horrible PE...People say I'm lucky I have it last period but as huge as the school is, we shouldn't even need PE! (It's a quarter of a mile from one end to the next and almost everyone has a schedule that has them going from the north end of the building to the south end for the whole day, one after another) The upstairs parts of the building are not connected so you have to go from upstairs north, to downstairs north, travel the hallways and take a different set of stairs to get to upstairs south, central, or east and vice versa for all the other hallways.
Oh, I got homework, too. I might have to take it with me tomorrow when I go visit my friend (who isn't in school yet) but I'm hoping not...
Well, I came home today and got pennied by my aunt. She thought it was so funny, I wasn't amused. I mean, it's one thing to get pennied by all the older kids (which I haven't since the day hasn't come yet) but it's another when one of your relatives tell you to stand right there and wait then throws pennies at you when you're not in the mood. I would have yelled profanities at her etc., etc., etc., but I had more manners than that and just walked away and let her pick her money back up. I wish she'd act like an adult sometimes, I mean really, that is not funny. It's Friday and being pennied is degrading, especially when your fourty something year old aunt does it.
Anyways, I hope you guys are having fun and aren't in school yet. Take care and be safe (same thing, I know) Talk to you later, I've got homework. Byeness.

Get A Job, Renge and Tamaki

Now, I'm using my mom's computer and it has no sound on it so I'm going to try my best for new vids, but it really doesn't matter if I put on up or not so occaisionally I won't even bother. Still, this song is awesome XD

Take care all!

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