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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Conceited little Seven year old

Right, well it's been a while. I was in the hospital for a while to get some check ups and injections but now I'm back and my liver is fine and I've been taking my shots on a weekly basis like I should take normally.
I've been back for about two days now (I was in for three) and yesterday was my mom's best friends birthday and she came over to celebrate. She brought with her: Dasia, a conceited little Bratz obsessed seven year old. At first I could handle her. Even her lies about who she knew, was related to, he make believe boyfriend, and even her lying about her real name.
Last night I was telling her to go to sleep but she wouldn't listen and demanded that I let her on the computer. After I turned it off she got mad and started saying she was gonna walk home. I told her I didn't care and she got an attitude and kept talking. The kid even tried to threaten me. I dragged her downstairs to my God mother, my mom's best friend, and told her what she said. When Dasia agreed to be good and go to bed she let her back upstairs and I turned on a boring movie and she went to sleep.
When she woke up she said she was hungry and acted like nothing happened last night. I was pissed but I told her to wait until my mom got home with the cereal.She didn't want to listen. I let her eat some Doritos and Vienna Sausages and then started talking about how much hair she had and how much more better looking she was than me. I wasn't going to argue with a seven year old about how I looked and about how she looked, but she does have less hair than I do and quite frankly I couldn't care less how she thought I looked. The girl insisted that she record something with my video camera and I told her no. She decided she would 'fake' cry all over my covers. She slobbed on them. I was pissed since I had just recently changed them when I came home (washed them myself, too) I let that slide, too but then she told me to shut up in my own room? I flipped. Once more I grabbed her and dragged her into my brothers' room and told them to take care of her before I killed her. She made a few rude comments while I dragged her and stuff and I would have slapped her (like she deserved) if my brother hadn't held me back (yes, I'm not ashamed to beat up seven year olds if they deserve it) I left the room, grabbed her bag from my room and threw it out of the door. I admit my actions were a little unorthodox for someone my age but I was not going to sit down and bow to a conceited, unintelligible child's every whim. Especially not in my mom's house, in my own room. If she had the slightest bit of manners I'm sure things would be different. This only goes to show how much I hate children. If it were just me babysitting her and I had permission, I would spank her. Seeing as I'm not, and I don't, I won't but she needs it. She's probably one of the worst seven year olds I have ever met. Anyways, I hope you guys are having a better time then I am. Take care, byeness.

AMV - Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me by Faye Wong

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