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Friday, July 27, 2007

My Elder Brother, the country club, and my most hated cousin

I was just thinking about my brother's personality and it just dawned on me how mean he used to be. We've been close since we were kids but I had never realized until now how much of a bully he and I were. He's the one who started me to crack my knuckles after I constantly protested. He just cracked them and it hurt so much I was gonna cry (I was around four and he was seven-ish)Ever since I've been cracking them.
I hadn't believed my mom when she said we used to team up and beat up my little brother but I can remember it now that I remember what a jerk my older bro used to be. According to her my elder brother held him down and I punched him. No wonder why I think my younger brother has brain damage now.... I think I might do something for him when he wakes up later but then again, maybe he would have turned out this way naturally (he's so much like my dad and his twin when they were younger that he was named after my dad's twin) According to my mom, I'm like my father (she won't admit it but she hates me for it) We used to get coal on Christmas because of that...
On a different topic I went with my friends to a country club the other day. It was really nice.We didn't do much though so it was boring but they had a bunch of fountain ponds, a pool, and even a lake. There was also a huge golf course (but that's a given) I'd never been to one until then but it was really awesome. We walked around looking for the lake but in the end we couldn't find it. When I called home to say I wouldn't get home til late no one bothered to pick up the phone and my mom had the nerve to be mad at me when I got home. Her anger went away when I said that my friend's dad took us to a country club though, it would figure -_-
Anyways, yesterday my mom had a party with her husbands relatives and my cousin came to the room to talk to me but when she opened the door and scared the shit out of me I politely (with absolutely NO ILL WILL towards her) asked her if she needed something. She'd just come to see what I was doing because she was tired of running around the house with my little brother. When she left my mom came in acting like I committed a crime and asked me why I was being mean. I didn't think I was being mean at all. I was being pretty nice considering I let them use my radio even after she swore at my friends through AIM while I wasn't home (she logged on as me and totally cussed them out!) I had to do a hefty amount of apologizing to them after that, it was awful. My mom was all "She just wanted to talk to you and have fun!" Now, my cousin is particularly girly and I'm a tomboyish nerd who was watching Comic Con when she came in, do you think we have the same definition of fun? I highly doubt it.
When we were younger I tolerated her because I never cared what she did so long as it didn't affect me but now I want nothing to do with her. She dresses like a slut and acts like a whore.
I was forced to go downstairs but they were outside so I just made pink lemonade and went back upstairs and watched Ouran High School Host Club and talked to my friend who was going balistic over Death Note.
Most of the people I know are under the impression I hate going outside and doing things with other people, but that's not the case, it's just specific people I don't like doing things with and there are a lot of things that I like to do but they're are limitted significantly. For example: I like riding my bike but with my sense of direction I'd get lost in a split second (which means I'd have to take someone with me and the only person who'll go with me is my little brother and it's tolerable but he's hard headed more often then not)
In the end my mom made me shut down my computer and go to bed. Right now I'm listening to the radio. I snuck on the computer. I tried reading Harry Potter but it made me upset but not because someone died but because it was so...not exciting when it should have been and I was able to put it down during the middle of a fight scene. You shouldn't be able to do that with a good book. Shame on JK Rowling...I'm rather disappointed but it's still better than her other books (except 3)
Anyways, I should get to commeting later on. Take care all! Byeness ^-^ (sorry for the long post)

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