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my real name is snow, nothing else as far as any of you are concerned. I used to have a page here a long time ago but things came up and i've been busy but hey no worries right? anyways enjoy the changes that you'll see soon and please feel free to sign my gb. peace ya'll.

Friday, November 16, 2007

well I guess people really took it to heart that I was only here for one friend.....guess it'll have to do, no worries though, cause i'm barely on here anyway I guess..hmmm so what to do what to do, I know, wait no I don't....*sniff* I could really use some comments, it'd be nice.
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Monday, November 12, 2007

another day
yep, it's another day....yay, bored out of my skull and yet again I missed my friend I was trying to get a hold of....well maybe tonight...........I hope so, if not, well I guess i'll keep trying. I might have to e-mail her cause it's difficult to contact her here.........meh, well this is snow, saying, "break a leg, it's worth it when you wait."
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

once again
it's strange ya know, bein' back on here after so long.... and it's all for one friend of mine. let's see how it happened: well first off my AIM account got deleted, I joined the military so I was barely around anymore due to training, and I didn't get any chances to come here before so yeah, i'm here for one friend and one friend only, not that I won't accept other friends but hey, if you want my attention, show me that you mean the friendship yer trying to create like my friend i'm here for.
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