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Friday, April 27, 2007

   My Sonic Version of Bonnie & Clyde

Well I love anime and manga. Right now my favorite shows are Naruto and Inuyasha. I always wanted to be a ninja. I'm also trying to be the greatest animator known. People could tell I was talented ever since I was 5 years old. My mom doesn't approve of me watching anime but I still watch them. Around here, we usualy have new anime that are actually old in Japan, so please bear with me people. Besides everything else, I'm unique, skillful, and very friendly.=^_^= +Kingdom Hearts 2 - Passion+ (If you like song you can download it by "right clicking" the link and pressing "save as") Passion_~single_version~.mid Passion-Orchestra.mid

Yes, I'm doing it again, turning the Sonic characters into another version.*snicker*Only this time, it's concerning Shadow and Sunset. It's gonna look cool! A pic with diffrent scenes of there adventure and relationship between each other.*grins*But to make it a big success, I need some help. Everyone can pitch in and describe a nice Bonnie and Clyde-like scene for me, whether it be romantic or tragic. Only thing is, they don't die, maybe hurt, but not dead.*looks around* Oh yeah, and the scenes could have some kissing and sexual tension in it.^_~'
Sunset: Say wha...?!
Shadow: Chantelle, if you dare...
Me: And what if?
Sonic:*glare* Why not me and Sunset?
Shadow: 'Cause you're a faker, asshole.
Sonic:What you say?!
Shadow:You heard me!
Sunset: Boys, wait...
(Sonic & Shadow snarling and ready to fight each other)
Sunset: Chantelle, do something!!!
Ummm, I gotta run and get this pic done! See ya!

*runs back*Oh yeah, I left this video to give an example and to help spark up your ideas!
Good luck!

Birthday 03/27/91 Gender Female Location West Indies Member Since 10/19/05 Occupation High School Student Real Name Chantelle Braxton Personal Achievements Becoming the best sketch artist Anime Fan Since 5 years old Favorite Anime Naruto, Inuyasha, and every other anime known Goals Becoming the greatest animtor, artist, and architect Hobbies Sketching , surfing the web, watching my favorite anime shows, reading my favorite magna, and much more Talents Sketching, playing video games, fixing stuff and all that jazz

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