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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Second Weekend of the school year
School is going well...I guess. Nothing interesting happened. There is one thing. One of my friends from my lunchshift switched schedules and now eats a different lunchshift. Now it's just one of my friend's friends and me. I bet my other friends all eat the same lunch shift. Lucky for them. Oh well, I don't really need company when I eat. I don't even talk that much at all.
Some of my teachers are saying my name wrong, but I don't mind. It's pretty much stuck now so I don't plan on telling them. Maybe they'll find out for themselves. Yes, algebra is interesting. I learned some new things, but they are all pretty easy.
There's a fundraiser called the Spell-a-thon. The words are so easy. They are words a fourth grader could spell. So far I only have $1.20. Maybe that'll be enough. Anyway, no one I've asked has wanted to pledge me yet.
Yeah, that's all the news for today. NOt much interesting stuff. VEry sorry...see ya.

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Ahh... the first weekend of the schoolyear. It feels good. NOt much homework yet. I had a test in algebra yesterday. I hope I get a good score, or else I'll have to go back to the regular math class. I also have to cover a book for that class.
During lunch I eat with my two friends that share the same lunch shift, but they are thinking of a schedule change, so I'll probably be eating alone. Too bad for me. I'll be like a lonewolfe this year at school. I have made friends with my old friends from preschool and elementary again. My friends from last year seem to really dislike me this year, but I have no idea why.
Well, um I guess that's all for now. See ya.

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Friday, September 8, 2006

School started a few days ago. It was interesting. My eighth grade year. It seems to be going slower than last year. I seem to be remember things more quickly. I remembered my locker combination in one look. It was pretty cool. I have had about... maybe a week of school so far. My schedule isn't that great, but oh well. I'm so glad to be in school again. It's sooooooo.... good to get out of the house everyday. Well, that is during the week day. I'm also looking forward to the breaks.
I'm still into anime, but I read less manga now. I read more novel and stuff. That usually happens wtih me. I read manga and watch anime during the summer and read novels and stuff during the school year. Ahh... school... it's awesome when you don't have too much pressure on you. Pretty soon I'm going to dislike school a lot and wish it could be summer again.
Yeah, I like school and am glad to be back. Summer did start to get boring. Internet is back up at home... for now anyway. I hope it doesn't break down again because of school assignments and stuff. And myotaku of course.
Uh...yep, that's all for today myo users. See ya...

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Friday, September 1, 2006

I went shopping with my sister today. It...was...really...bad. My sister and I went to the mall and walked around looking at clothes. I guess you can call it school shopping for her. I didn't buy anything, but she bought a lot. I am so tired of looking at clothes. I met a few people I knew there. It was interesting, but the mall isn't really my scene so I was loathing every second of it. I hate shopping, but I'll have to do it every year, so I might as well get used to it. Yeah, um... I guess that's it for today.

Thanks for reading and the comments. I cherish every comment even if it is just one or two. WEll.. see ya...

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

I guess I should answer some of the questions I found when checking my comments. Taiwanese dramas, well the one I watched, was good. I haven't watched many yet, but it was good. Plus, they speak chinese. Amazingly, I think I'm learning some chinese words. I don't know how to spell them, but I can say them. It's pretty cool.
V for Vendetta is good. It might be kinda boring at first, but if you listen and watch it, it's actually pretty good. It's about... england I think...and I would definitly recommend it.

Yes, well today... another party at my house. It was for my... uh, I think he's my uncle. I'm not sure, but we had this big party. I helped prepare stuff and stuff in the beginning. Then I had a headache or something and went to my room to rest. After that, I was bored and was feeling kinda lazy so I stayed up in my room and read Ultra Maniac volumes 2 and 3. It was good, but I had already read it once before. If you have read an earlier post, you'd probably know I don't like parties. I try to avoid as many as possible. It's just too bad when the parties are at my house.

Well, I guess that's all for today. Thanks for reading...(if you really read all of this)... and um...yeah...next time...

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just another post
Let's see. How to begin...hmm? Ahh... yes. On Thursday I went to help hand out backpacks at this certain place. It was very fun, and I stayed the whole day.
Yeah, net broke down at my house like a few weeks ago, so I've been using the computers at the library. Too bad I can't save anything and...stuff. Yeah, I guess it does suck.
Yesterday, I watched a Taiwanese drama called "Meteor Garden", and (I think that's what it's called) it was very interesting. It started out funny...no humorous. It was awesome. I kept watching it. I only finished disc one, and I think there's also like... five or six left to go. Man, I was laughing the whole time. For others, it's drama, but for my siblings amd me, it's just comedy. I also watched V for Vendetta, for the third time, yesterday.
It was an interesting day. Logging off...asialonewolfe...

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm home...
Hey, I came back home yesterday around 5-6 pm. It was a bit of a relief. No more hard work to do. Just simple chores and some free time. Now I'm stuck with what to do with my story, but I know where it's heading. Well anyway, it's good to be home. See ya...
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Today I am on a different computer. I'm usually on the computer at home or at the library, but today I'm at one of my cousin's house. My brother drove my younger bro and me here yesterday at 6:00pm. We arrived around... 11:00 pm? Yeah, and the kids were still up. I don't think they went to sleep until... 1:00am.

This feels kind of awkward. I'm very far from home, but I'm going back saturday. There's not much to do here, so I thought back on when I was packing. Maybe I should've brought my writing and drawing supplies. I feel so... bored? Well, it is fun hanging out with my cousins. They have a lot of energy.


I wish I had a scanner. I wanna scan some of my fanart onto the computer. I know they aren't that great, but .... maybe I shouldn't put them up. Well, I guess it depends if anyone wants to see them. Yeah, later....

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Today I logged into myotaku. I was surprised at what I saw. Starting today I have 100 visits. I'm so happy. It's not guestbook entries so it's probably just google visiting most of the time, but it still feels good. Well, yeah that's all for today. Sorry, but I can't visit any sites today. See ya....
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Friday, August 4, 2006

And another post
I guess I should post. I don't have much to say today. Well, I did read a lot of different mangas this week. Petshop of horrors, land of the blindfolded, etc.
I also started writing my story again. I'm kind of stuck, but I have it planned out. I just need to make two ends meet. It's interesting, but I'm not sure it'll make sense. I have to go back and change some things.
THanks for the comments by the way. Yeah, see ya.

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