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Sunday, November 5, 2006

   Why am I posting?
I'm posting, but I have no idea why. There's nothing I have to say, but I feel I must post. I may have on thing to say. Today, there was only one updated friend on my friends list. That's unusual. It's usually at least five or more that update per day.

By the way, I really don't like weekends. Yeah, later.

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Thursday, November 2, 2006

   Been a bad week....not too many complaints, just some interesting stories
Hey, I'm doing...not too well. Just a rough week. First, I'm behind in some of my classes, so I've had to stay after school a lot. Then one time when I had an extra curriculum activity and no one came to pick me up. I waited for about half an hour. Then I decided to walk home, cuz no one was coming to pick me up. My spirit dropped...I live three miles away from school. Yeah, it took about 50 minutes to walk home. It was tiring. What's worse? It was Halloween, and I had worn my costume to school. I had a warm jacket so it wasn't too cold. I also had my about 20 pound backpack. It must've looked pretty awkward walking home. A girl in a jacket with a backpack on her back and part of a cloak visible. Well, I got home safely.

For Halloween I dressed up as Hanajima from Fruits Basket. It was pretty cool. I wore all black and had a big cool cloak. It was awesome.

Thanks for those who decided to visit my bro's site. bleachallstar

Tonight, there was irony in our family's schedule. First of all, my li'l bro and sis stayed after school and were to be picked up at 5pm. My younger bro and I had a "fun" thing at school. It was kinda like a student's party thing. We were also finished at five. Then my older sis had to practice stuff for something and she was done at five. When we all came home in the same car, we saw one of our older brothers (a nicer one) at the door. Guess what time he came home? ....5:00 pm of course. Isn't that ironic? Well, maybe just listening to this doesn't seem quite ironic, but experiencing it sure is. Ahh....I think that's all I have to report for the day.

OH wait! I finished Fruits Basket the anime just a few days ago. It only went up to episode 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It showed less than half of the series. THat really shucks. ANd it happened very differently from the book too. Well, at least the last few episodes were different.

Sorry, gotta go.

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

As most of you can see, I changed the layout. Now it's sorta more Halloween-y. More than before. And my brother got an mo. Please visit him. He only has one friend who is me right now. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind some other friends too. His site is bleachallstar.

That's all I wanted to add. Later.

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Sorry for the post yesterday. It was way too long. No one read it. Or at least no one commented. Well, that's okay. I wasn't really expecting anyone to read or comment on the last post. It was too long and sort of just a thing for me. Don't go back and read it if you don't want to. That's okay. It was just a temporary fear and stuff.

Hey, today I went shopping for a halloween costume with my sis, sis-in-law, younger bro, and younger sis. I didn't know what I wanted to be for halloween so I just looked around and stuff. And I didn't think I'd find a kimono or anything like that. My older sis bought a robe thing to be a kimono. My younger bro bought this stuff to be a mideval knight. And my youngest sis bought a crown and stuff to be a princess. I bought a mask with feathers and a halloween make-up kit. The bad thing is that I've never put make-up on before. I practiced a little on my younger sister not too long ago. It was kinda cool, but it's not that interesting or anything. I don't really know what I'm gonna be for halloween.

I'm posting and that's all there is to it. I'll check sites and then play go. Yep, I'll see if I can get to all the updated sites. Later.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

   Not such a good weekend
My weekend isn't going too well. I'm kinda scared to go home. By the way, I'm at the library right now typing this up. I can't at home because the computer's broken and stuff. I'll talk about this later, but I can't give you guys too much detail.

I agree that parties aren't too bad if I have a friend or two there, but I still don't like parties. Don't ask me why because I have no idea. It's okay AZ if you didn't visit my site on that the day it was posted. Cause I didn't get to come on until today. And you say I sound mature? I don't know about that. Many of my teacher's also say I'm very mature and stuff, but that's because I kinda sometimes try to act polite in many places. Except home...I guess. I realized why I liked school so much. I think it's just an excuse to get away from home. There's more to it, but I'm not really sure what it is. My parents don't think I seem mature and stuff. It's because I don't do chores right away, but I usually always do the chores they tell me too before they come to check if I've done it. I'm just kind of a laid back person. There's nothing wrong with that, right? My parents are always talking about if I become a wife and how I'm going to get kicked out and stuff. Ahh.....Well, why don't I just not become a wife, right? What if I just live by myself like I've been wanting to do? I think it's because I have such a big family and in it are lots of problems. I just want to get away and live on my own so I can find out stuff instead of having to listen to or fix problems all the time.

Now that leads to the first paragraph. My weekend is really bad right now. I kind of feel like I'm on the run. It's not as exciting as you might think it is. (I'm not really on the run though.) I was playing with my younger bros and sis. My older sis was also in the room on the computer. Then my oldest bro told us to clean up the kitchen. I had no idea how it looked like, but it must've been pretty messy, you know having such a big family. We told him we would.
About ten min. later, he started throwing dishes and stuff out of the kitchen into the living room. It was making lots of sound and stuff. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared and listened to the cracking sounds of the dishes. It was really scary. Our oldest bro isn't usually the kind of guy to let loose his anger. Then he came into the room we were all in and picked up a woooden chair. He held it above his head and threw it at us, but luckily it hit the floor. Then he went over to my sis on the computer and took the computer and smashed it on teh floor. My sis usually talked baack, but even she knew it wasn't a good time to do that at this time.
One of my li'l bros wanted to go past him into the kitchen, but My oldest bro wouldn't let him.
My oldest bro yelled,"What are you doing?!"
My lil br said,"I'm going to..."
"Go upstairs," My oldest bro yelled, and we all scurried upstairs.
I was so scared. I really was. I almost felt like I would die. I still feel scared now as I'm typing this. I was crying in the room I share with my lil sis and she had her head in her pillows.
My older sis came into my room and she told us to get ready cause we were going to the library. She said,"Get ready. We're going to the library. It's not good to stay here." Something like that. We got dressed, got our stuff, and went out the front door. The one we usually didn't use.
My older sis, my two younger bros, my younger sis, and I walked to the library. Away from the danger, I feel safer, but I'm still scared. I tend to have this habit now of looking out the window to make sure my oldest bro didn't drive here to take us back.
I feel like crying. This is just not a good day. I want to stay here forever so that I don't have to face my fear, but I can't because the library closes at five. And my parents are going to come home and notice us missing. I think they went to a funeral or something in minnesota or something.

I'm sorry this post is so long. It's just that I really need to get this out. Otherwise, I'll be even more afraid than I already am. Everytime I think about what happened, I freeze up and sweat a little. My weekend was bad. I hope your's is better than mine. (What if my weekend was jinxed when my teacher told me to have a good weekend?)

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Days after 14...
It's not bad being fourteen...yet. Yesterday, it turned out that my parents invited at least three other families. More people, so I hid in my room. I was trying to invent stuff from this saved up stuff. It was pretty cool. I made this weird heart thing with pop tabs or something. Then I tied some stuff together and hot glued some stuff. When I was playing with glass, I broke it and it turned to little pieces. I got a small injury on my left index finger, but it didn't even hurt. Blood was left on my left index finger and middle finger. It wasn't that serious. Then I went down to the kitchen and celebrated my b-day.

The adults told me of my responsibilities and stuff. Then finally after all the blah blah blah...I blew out the candles and ran up to my room with the presents and stuff. I got $28, some cool pencils, altoids, and other stuff. Not much, but it was more than enough. Weird thing was that I got a razor and shaving gel. My sister-in-law got me that. I just know it. Well, I really didn't want to have a birthday party, but I wasn't really in it anyway. As I said before, I just ran up into my room and stayed there for the rest of the party. My relatives were still there when I went to sleep around 8:30 or 9:00 pm, mainly because of testing the next day.

Hey, today was the last day of testing. Yeah! It feels good, but I think I bombed the science test. I'm really bad at science cuz I think I already said that I'm more like Aristotle than Newton. I just hope I did well enough to go to highschool.

And for all of those who commented, thank you. What if "you" and I are some kind of breed that don't like parties? That would be an interesting discovery. Maybe it's just in our nature. I don't think it's bad or anything. Yeah, I'm cheered up, but I don't know anything about whats happening at school. Maybe I'm just going emo again. I mean, not again, but going emo. NOpe I'm not. Just an emo feeling. I'm glad some of "you" want to grow up. I'm really in no hurry to. That's all for reply to comments then.

Next is the ending of this post. I hope all of you have a fun day or at least a good day. (Don't want to wish any of you a bad day.) Um...is there anything else to do or say? I don't think so. I'm going to go now. I don't have much else to say. Sorry, but this is my ending for today. Nothing exciting...right? Yeah, see ya later then.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another day another post
I just realized somthing. Yesterday was my birthday. I forgot so that's why I didn't post about it. Today my parents want to throw me a birthday party, but (knowing that I really don't like parties) I don't want one. THe good thing is that it is just a small one consisting of my other ten family members. NO relatives or anything like that. Goody, but I don't think my parents should celebrate it. AFter all, I'm only turning fourteen. (I still wish I was twelve.) I can't imagine being fourteen. It just seems soooooooooo................... well not THAT much older. But it seems very far away and out of my grasp, that number. 14 years is very strange. It's close to fifteen, which is even scarier. Yes, I want to stay young and little and ....well, you get the idea, right? Just stay a kid. It's so...much cooler that way.

Today when I went to lunch, I didn't eat lunch with my regular lunch-eating friends. I ate with a friend from fifth grade, fourth grade, seventh grade, sixth grade, and others that I knew or didn't know. I felt more comfortable being with them than the friends I usually hang around with. It was cool. I think I even smiled, which is a rare thing at school because I'm always soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad at school. (Okay, maybe that was a bit exaggerated.) ANyway, it was cool. I felt like it was somewhere I belonged. Now I feel like listening to "Somewhere I belong" by Lincoln Park. WEll anyway, my day was or seemed like a better day than most days. (Now I think my friends, I usually hang out with, don't like me anymore. They probably just didn't like the people I hang out with. Ahh....darn it! Now I'll have to...I don't know what I should do. Maybe I'm just thinking that way, but that's not really what's happening. THere's this one friend that always seems ticked off if I sit with her on the bus. Then I say hi to her and she doesn't reply. (Maybe I just spoke too quiet. So it's my fault?) Oh well, maybe I see things differently from my friends. I mean, when she asks to sit by me, I let her and don't act like I have a grudge with her. Ahh! This post is getting really long.

Oops! I was planning on writing a short(er) post, but I guess I ended up rambling on about...uh, stuff again. I'll try to make it shorter next time...maybe. Haha...I also laughed today, a very strange thing. I almost never laugh...out loud anyways. Well, another farewell has been bestowed upon this post. Another farewell has arrived. Another...let's just make this short. Okay? Yeah, so see ya.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Out of time...
Sorry, but I can't post much today. I have to get off pretty soon, so this will probably be a very short post. Thanks for the comments again.

State test today...it went pretty well. It was kind of easy, except for the reading part. There were a few hard questions, but it turned out okay...I hope. The math section was easy except for this one question that kept bothering me. I didn't know the sign. It was like < this or something. It also had a line under it. I think it means equal or less than or something. I'm not really sure.
Yep, hoping for the next test tomorrow to go smoothly too. Sorry, I gotta get off now. Can't check sites. Sorry....later.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

A cool thing I found....NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!
NINJAs are awesome! (From what I've heard and known.)
Take a look at this.


here's the link:Click here!

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I will make it through.....I hope
Guess what? I have the state test tomorrow. They're testing us in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Yeah, I need to pass these in order to go on to high school. Actually, they're only part of the points I need to go to high school, but they do help. I'm probably gonna study tonight, even though I have no idea what the questions on the test are going to be about. I wonder....Heh, I'm gonna fail the science section. I make my own theories of the universe because I am ignorant of the world. That might be a problem. Well, half the time I am in my own world. Sorta. I'm kinda like Aristotle who based science on common sense. Yeah, that didn't work out, right? Common sense isn't exactly science, so I better be careful. Wish me luck...oh wait, luck really doesn't have much to do with the test, does it? Oh well, I really hope I do do well on it.

My day was ....normal. Again....well, that's it. I felt kinda emo and lonely and quiet and...yeah, that kind of feeling. Just down and not very happy. Weird, eh? Must the stress getting to me. Ahh! No, I must work hard, but not put too many burdens on myself or others.
When I got off the bus, it was dark and cloudy over my house and my few neighbors, but the sky hovering over the church with a cold wind blowing seeemed to be just fine with sun shining in through the cracks in the white silver clouds. Hey, how was that sentence. I think it's too long, but had good detail. How about you?

Well, good day to yall, ppl. I'm going now. ... ... ... I am. Later. Not yet. Okay, um....but that's really all I have to say today. Sorry...okay? Uh...I'm gonna check sites, if I can. Let's see how many I get too. 'Kay now I'll say later.

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