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Friday, February 20, 2009


It's been too long since i've last been on here!

On the upside I do have some new updates considering but I'll just start with a overview and see how it goes! o.o

The Overview:
My manga selection has expanded to 25 different series! I have others but i dont own any of them yet but I believe in reading online! ^.^

I still play POTC its where most of the ppl i know are so of course i've been playing that a bit much.

Its another semester of school. YAY! *note sarcasm* Hehehe almost scared someone I bet! *mumble, mumble*

Another year has come and gone...and wondering how much postive, nuetral, and negative points are going to balance out...course always trying to lead to the positive! (Seriously who wakes up wanting to be mad??)

Other than that not much! Just another weekend at the moment... ^,^

Hope you all are doing great! Or that if its not that it will all eventually work out! :)

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