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Monday, October 27, 2008

   Back again from such a LONG LONG LONG time!!!
Hey guys! Its me again! I've been gone for very very long! Its like been forever. So Halloween is coming up and yea. I've been feeling ok. No boy trouble or anything. Just some friend trouble. Thats all but other then that I'm good! I don't think you really want to any ways! lol! So school has stated (a long time ago) and its pretty good! I guess. lol! I havn't done any sports yet since I've been to much working on my singing stuff. Life gets WOWIE sometimes. lol! If ur looking for me, I'm in school. lol! So thats all I have to say for now! Happy (early) Halloween since I'm not gonna be on here anyways! lol! I will be back SOON!! Like on Thanks Giving. Maybe. Not sure. Anyways I g2g now! Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, and see you later!!


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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hey guys!!! As you know last time I was very sad but I've moved on. I'm smiling now and happy and.. started school last Monday. As you know I went to a class camp trip and man was it a BLAST!!! It was so much fun!! But coming back here brings back so so so much mermories!! (idk if i spelled that right lmao) Anyways its great to be back! As you know I changed my background! Its Misa from Death Note!! Yes I luv Death Note!! I got to watch the movie The Last Name like last week! lol! Anyways this summer was alot fun! I luved July 4th!! My family had party and it was someone's b-day so thats why we had a party but i'm not going to tell you who it is. lol! Anyways if your in school I hope you are having fun and don't have alot of home work like I do. Cuz the 1st day of school I already had home work T_T so lame!! lol! Anyways its great to be back once again and I'm so looking forward to seeing all of you guys again cuz you have no idea how much I missed you guys!! lol! Oh and I watched Camp Rock and thought it was awesome!! So I have to tell you guys something!! I'm inlove with Light from Death Note!! Yea I am!! He is so HOT!! And smart and evil too! xP Oh well! Also I got a tan from my trip so I'm like tan-ish white-ish! lol! And I have a little sun burn on my face. Not alot! So thats it for now!! see you guys later!! peace!


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Saturday, June 7, 2008

GRRRR!! my page is not working!
so hey guys! i know you maybe can't read this but hopefuly it will work. anyways i've been kind of noticing that i'm like the only one on. it feels like none of you have been on for like along time. but thats ok and i'm just saying thats all! not being mean or anything! lol! so yeah. i'm on summer and its been ok i guess. nothing much happing but bored. thats all. i know i havnt been on here for along time too but theres like no body ever on so yeah. i think i might delete myotaku. not cuz of you guys or anyhting. its just like everything is starting to like not show up. my page wont show up so yeah. and i've been so busy and i feel like i don't even get on alot and either do you guys. so yeah. so thats pretty much it! if u stop by my page thanks!

1.hows ur summer?
2.have you been busy?
3.is it hot at ur place? (like the weather)
4.whos ur fave akatsuki?

answers from me!
1.ok i guess
2.like ya! *Laughs*
3.oh yeah!
4.idk! they all are cool! and strong! *Laughs*

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