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Intro intro intro!!! Let's see? I like too draw, sleep, eat, and listin to music. Mostly J-rock like Gackt,Dir en Grey,Antic cafe,Vidoll,Gazette,Pierrot,L'Arc en Ciel,HYDE,Moi Dix Mois and Kagerou. SOOOOO, PLEASE SIGN MY GB AND CHECK OUT MY PIC'S!!!! AND IF IT HELPS I'LL TAKE REQUEST'S!!!!MUWAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!


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1) Don't worry, your kid probably isn't gay, even though the pics hanging next to their bed looks like girls.

2) Don't get your kid an English CD for their birthday or any other gift giving holiday, they probably won't like it.

3) When they show you a pic of their favorite singer, don't instantly assume that it's a girl, it probably isn't.

4) If you walk into the room while they are on the computer and they minimize the window instantly, don't be offended, it's probably for your own protection.

5) Don't be surprised if their total clothing and make-up style changes

6) If they start speaking a language that is almost English, but not quite, don't worry. Its called Engrish. You'll get used to it.

7) Don't insult their favorite J-Rockers.

8 ) When they start talking about Lucifer, they aren't worshiping Satan.

9) Buy more ink jet cartridges for the printer, the more pics the fan has, the happier they will be.

10) Don't be surprised when you can no longer talk to your child about anything except Japan.

11) Be prepared to learn more than you ever had, about something you never wanted to know about.

12) A man in a dress is sexy, no matter what you say, nothing can change that.

13) Don't correct them when they spell the name hide with a lower case h, that's how it's done.

14) When they collect scrap fabrics to make plushies, don't worry, they aren't practicing voodoo.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

   OMG dude
god whwns the last time ive been on!

Wow Iíve done a sucky job of updating regularly XP ma bad, nothing exciting happened on my end tho. So straight to the b-days I havenít shared, they need love to ^^

JAN 21 was Ka-yuís b-day go find his songs a listen to a few.
JAN 23 was Shinoís, Naruto, go watch an ep with him in it
JAN 25 was the Fourth Hokageís, Naruto, go watch an ep with him in it
JAN 26 was Hero or JJ, DBSK, go listen to his solos
JAN 27 was Yasu, Acid Black Cherry, go listen to them, spell magic is my fav song
JAN 29 hyde, LíArc~en~Ciel, go listen to them or his solo work

Wow shit I missed a lot of birthdays

now back to my LOTR fanfiction!

youtube is being an ass so imeem saved the day!

Untouchable - Top Sweety

Top Sweety - Untouchable

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Friday, August 29, 2008

   Stupid Hurricanes...
*sigh* we have a mandatory evacuation here in Louisiana *sigh*
The only good thing is we wonít have school until Thursday! But we have to go all the way to Tennessee to get a hotel. So if Iím not on for a while Iím either dead or without an internet connection.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

   First Full Week Of School
I just finished the first full week of school! i'm so happy but at the same time i'm sad cause i have a while until our first break. *crys*

i want to go see Dir en Grey live but my mom said no cause she doesnít want to drive 6 hours just to see two bands. *sigh* Its sad they wont come with other people like MUCC, D'espairsRay and The Underneath did during the Taste of Chaos.

I got a last.fm account like Wednesday night, i like it, but i'm still gonna have to set time aside to youtube!

lets see... i tink thats the important stuff!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

   Beautiful You

Find more videos like this on AALikeThese2: Uniting African Americans with Asian Interests

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