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Hi, it's me agian, does anyone ever read this thing? Well, anyway, still looking for a wallpaper, and I no I haven't posted anything yet, but last Saturday I tried for hours and couldn't figure out HOW to post anything, even though I have alot to post, help me!!!! Scanning dosen't work, so how do I get it to the website?! Seriously, any help will do! Well, guess I should get off now, poor me, bye (Sad face)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

   I no
I no I just posted, but, I have a few short things, so I'll post a couple, the first one is called Break and Heal
I break, everytime I see her blood,
I break, everytime she sheds tears
I break, everytime she falls,
Everytime she hurts,
Everytime she screams,
Like glass,
I break

I heal, everytime I see her smile,
I heal, everytime she's care free,
I heal, everytime she flies,
Everytime she heals,
Everytime she laughs,,
Like a wound,
I heal

Ok, that one was really short, but, anyway, you'll find much longer ones in my archives, now is one called "With Open Eyes" by the way, both of these, along with my most recent fanfics, are inspired by the song "Even Angels Fall" you gotta hear it! So, this is an IchixRuki, by the way, this was supposed to be Ichigo Rukia, but it turned out, Ichigo
Rukia, so, sorry
At first I thought she was nuts!
A little brat with bad drawing skills,
Untill I saw her bleed,
And look up to me,
And plead

At first I thought he was rude,
A little brat with a big mouth!
Untill I saw the fear,
In his eyes,
For me,

I still didn't care for her,
Wished she go back home,
But wen I saw her,
Standing there,
I could tell she was in pain,
Because she cared

I still didn't care for him,
Wished I could go back home,
But wen I saw him,
Fighting hard to save me,
I new right then,
Wat he was saying

I was so scared,
I hate to admit,
That moment,
That night,
Not for my life,
But for her life

I was so scared,
I hate to admit,
That moment,
That night
Not for my life,
But for his life

The first time I saw her,
After three weeks,
She looked like she hurt,
So much,
That she couldn't see

The first time I saw him,
After three weeks,
He had come,
To save me

And the first time,
I heard her scream,
It was like glass,
Peircing me,

And the very first time,
He held onto me,
It made my heart jump,
Made it scream,

The first time,
I saw her fall,
It hurt so badly,
Hurt so much,
Wen she flinched at my touch,

The first time,
I saw him fall,
It made me ache,
And gave me pain,
There was nothing there to gain

All that pain,
Opened my eyes to see,
All the love I had for thee

I no, the poem form is terrible 'cause it keeps switching from Ichigo to Rukia and back again, and the last one was both of them, anyway, well, bye! ^-^?

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   Mixed Emotions
On the bright side of life, new Bleach episodes return next Saturday (although it isn't the same considering I've watched through 161 and still checking YouTube every Saturday) but, it's nice to hear the voices I reckognize, besides, I'll get to enjoy it without reading, and I just finished my "Great Snape Debate" book, the guilty virdict was extremly short compaired to the innocent one, I still want to give Snape a big ol' bear hug, but I was just infoemed that he's bad, so, I have mixed feelings right now, sorry I haven't posted a fanfic in a wile, I need to no wat kind I should post and plus they're all so long, anyways, tell me wat you wanna see and I'll do it! ^-^
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm very annoyed, yesterday I was watching the fith episode of Bleach, one of my favirotes, and I recently relized that in episodes 2-15 Rukia is not treated for her injuries! YYes, she does get injured, she gets injured alot in episode 5 in paticuler, but I have seen nothing to suggest that she has ever been treated, no one has mentioned it or anything! She gets hurt, and the next day she has no sighn of injury or of treatment! Why? Even if Urahara could use Kido, Rukia has made it abundently clear that she didn't want him treating her, he suggested something to the effect of looking over an injury (making some comment directly at the removal of her cloths) and she stated pilotly yet harshly "No, that's quite alright thank you!" it annoys me that after Orahime's powers are discovered there are many many scenes were Rukia is being treated, but untill then there isn't a word about it! Why? Why? Why? PLEASE help me if you have any info! Thank you!
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

   Have To!
I no, I just posted, but you see, I MUST POST THIS NOW! I got back from the GA Aqurium at about 6:00, I went with my boyfreind and by the time I got home I was ready to slit my throat! I had a good time and all but... Oh my god!!! Now I no how those poor anime girls feel, Kagome, Sango, Rukia, Kyoko, etc. I'M SORRY! I understand now! I now relize wat it's like to babysit your love inerest, and then wen I got home I had gotten a DVD from the gift shop and it was a boreing thing bout death! So my dad is giving me the $25.00 back so I can go to the card shop tomorrow, it's 30 mins till Bleach (wich I didn't find on Youtube today, grr) And, I must admit, the great Captin Asagi Kikano, who always torchers her leitenit, is wooped! Beat, and just plane tired, so, if you want to no wat happened, tell me and I'll post it, if not, It will be between me, Neccy, and my mom, (As much as I hate typing I want the comments, and possible pitty, so please want to no) Well, like I said, never mind, I ain't repeatin' myself tonight, energy burned, need Bleach!
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