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Hey my name is Nyx-(Nyki)and My favorite anime is Inuyasha-my favorite character is Sesshomaru.I also Love Yu Yu Hakusho and Naruto...My Avatar's Name Is Elocin... She Is A Kagonesti Or Wilder Elf...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

   haha well now....
hmmm, it seems that i have lost my entire binder with my first 7 chapters of Kura Joli..the story that i thought was up here already and isnt and was supposed to be 3 months ago lol. well, life is going well here...my older brother has moved in with me so now we have more money between us... nothing else reallie new ryte now but ill keep you posted as to whatsa going on alritey!? have fun all!!!

*Elocin- Hmm, I See Dominion Lord Artemis, So This Is What You Do Instead Of Plotting The Counter-Attack On Silvanesti. Intriguing... You Lack Discipline Mistress Artemis...I Shall Have To Teach You Of Priorities Yes?...*

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Friday, May 28, 2004

   Time For Reading Has Begun...LOL
Hey Guys! Sorrie It took me so long to get this story up on here but I couldnt find the time haha. Well, other than writing this story, im also researching some of the endangered species of animal on Madagascar Island off Australia. So, im hoping this part of the story will be done by the time the research is finished. Enjoy and please, tell me what you think. I hav e 7 chapters done so far, and ill keep going if you guys like the story. Have Fun and read the next post kk? Thanks! *Winks* Artemis Lynk...

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Monday, April 19, 2004

  LMao... i just got kicked out of my house last nyte... first of all, my father is a hypocrite beyond all reason. He told me in his exact words... " obviously, your gonna do whatever you want, and there is nothing I can do about it. So if you are going to do whatever you want, go ahead. I dont care." so I said *right on crayon!* and i took off to a buddy's party. I came home at 12 and hes like... so what? you think your gonna do whatever you want? im sorrie, it doesnt work like that. if you ever dont come home, you can find another place to stay. so I said, then I guess im kicked out? and he said are you saying your not coming home? and I said, take it how you want. but i guess im kicked out either way. hahahah....... and ill be gone to live with my mother in alberta again any day now. I just have to wait for my big bro to call me and tel;l me when to get on the bus down there. hes gonna meet me in edmonton, then im gonna stay with him for a few days. hehe ill keep ya posted!!!! * Winks and runs away, gots packings tos dos...*

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Wednesday, April 7, 2004

  HAHA.... more bad news im afraid........ my band kinda sorta fell apart haha. i am the Bassist and my other ex-friend Kris kept saying that it was her band and she acused me of trying to kick he rout of it. first of all. its MY band. I started it and enlisted other musicans. many of them are still friends now. It is called Harlequin Death. and i am not the only one that she was making mad either. but yeah. we still have our band. we jkust need a new guitar ..... *Runs off to jam*
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Friday, March 26, 2004

   wheeeeeeeee lol....
heh! I just got in trouble again lol..... I didnt go to my class on time. now my teacher marked me absent haha...... funnie....well, nothing to interesting today yet.....ill start putting my story up around the 5th or so of April for those of you looking forward to reading it.. I guarantee you wont be impressed, but I figure, hey! I may as well try to give someone that day a good laugh huh? hehe....

*Runs off laughing*

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