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I didn't want it to come to this, but I'm forced to. Consequently, here are some rules to follow while here, and if you don't I won't be your friend. *Glares and starts to suck thumb*

1. Absolutely no running around my site.
2.No loitering.
3. No littering.
4. If you can't read my text, highlight it.
5. Say hi to Lee.
6. I'll have no incidents between Chavs and Goths.
7. If you make me mad I'll call you a Chav cause I like that word.

Also, please remember to donate to keep my site running. I accept big bills. But I'll also accept 1's and 5's, with a little disdain.

Rules continued
8. Make sure to wash your hands before you come in... crap, ran outta roo

Thank you, and have-a-fun.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007


Though I'm virtually non-existent when it comes to posting, I was going to post today. The irony of it is that I can't post about what I wanted because I'm in a hurry to leave. I had planned to help my mom drive up to see her parents and we were gonna leave this morning. But we decided not to yesterday. But now my mom, ever sporadic, wants to go. And even though I don't want to go now I can't just leave her. So we'll be leaving today and hopefully be coming back by Wednesday.

That's it, I guess. I was planning on chillin this week since it's spring break and I took the week off from work. Oh well.

Have fun this week.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

:P XD T_T >: (
Hey everyone.
It's been a while, no? It's just so hard for me to post these days, but today I forced myself. Unfortunately, I can't get outta this one by saying nothing's been happening, because some stuff has happened. >:( Well, I've started my last semester of school for now at least. Teachers are pretty good. But I do have to give a 15 min presentation in one of my classes [ >:( x 2 ] Such an unpleasant surprise; they had to get me on the last semester. And it's about a whole bunch of boring computer stuff.

What else? Of course, I've been in my new house for about a month. And it's nice, but whatever. Ha, but I was able to get DSL! Which saved me from the torture that is dial-up!

Argh, I was so close to sledding. We had a "blizzard" which consisted of about a 1/2 inch of snow. This barren wasteland of a state makes me think of evil thoughts. Like blowing it up, because snow is so rare here. And yet it's necessary for my happiness!!! But I'm not evil so I'd evacuate all the people(though I find most of them suck too). Oh, and the animals too. And can't forget all the plant life...Maybe I shouldn't blow it up, because what did the land do to me? Hm, what else though? Nothing really. Oh. Ahem, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the international community(as in outside the US and Canada). Why, do you ask? Ask why! He he. I thought you'd ask. Because, I was able to buy one of my school books for $50 instead of $103 at the school! Awesome? Yep, yep. For your benefit(because you're my friendsies after all), you can buy the international versions of textbooks at textbooksrus.com.

Well, that's about it. Nothing phenomenal happened. No books breaking in half. So I guess it's time for the highlight of my post: Please check my quiz results to see what kind of doughnut I am! Though I don't know what it means by me being round!

If you read the whole post, I salute you. It must've been a killer. But I hope all of you are well. And have a great night(or day) because I'm off to bed now!
As Shisu would say: "Peace be with you."

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Hey, Everyone,

This isn't gonna be an 'official' post. I'm just lettin' you know about the next few days. Well, for any of you that (used to) visit Shisu's site, you know that we've been packing because we've moved. And for all of you that haven't, we've been packing because we've moved. It's been very aggravating and tiring, but I'll live. Anyways, I probably won't comment on your posts for the next few days, due to the loss of internet. But fear not, for there is a possibility of my return as early as Wednesday! I doubt it though. You just never know with cable companies. Oh well, I'm sure you can live without me.

But, yeah, Wednesday I should be back in and strong enough to comment on your sites. Just don't make 'em too long or my fingers might fall off from all the packing. :D I'll write another post in a few days, when we've settled in. And that's it, have an awesome night, or day. Whenever you read this.


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