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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Forgotten-Heart, thanks...
Um, why do you have such a sad username if you're always so cheery??

Oh, yeah! It's raining!!! Though the sudden- rain-stop patterns make my head hurt! Ouch! There havent' been any classes for the past two days. And it's friday tomorrow. Classes, sure. But there aren't any classes on Monday because it's Ninoy Aquino Day!!!

But tomorrow, there are only three subjects!!!

Anyway, theBlackERspot is making this awesome new story. Hope everything goes well. I'll pm you.

1. do you like books? What do you read?
2. why did you choose your username that way?
3. if you were able to invent anything in the world, what would it be.

*quote of the day*
(From the Close Up commercial)
guy1: if you could invent anything, what would it be?
guy2: a car that doesn't need gasoline.
1: there are solar-panel cars now
2: Okay, a wireless headphone.
1: Hello, blue tooth?
2: Right. What about a toothpaste sachet that has a resealable cover that doesn't make a mess.
1: Man, they've got the Close Up twist-off!
(and they start talking about the product)
2. I know! What about a sachet that doesn't need gasoline, that's wireless and has a resealabel twist-off cap?!
1: What?

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