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Hiya!! My name is Aria, i don't really know what to write on here and this site really sux its pretty much jus me moaning about how sucky life and work is but hey if ur lucky i'll add in a quiz or 2 to liven it up!

Here are some buttons - woohoo! Some are mine which my lovely friends have made for me and others belong to my lovely friends!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

   Ok so much for being around more regularly!!
I'm sorry i havent been around i just seem to always be busy. things at work are going well though i havent been in this week. Aria's not very well. i've got glandular fever!! really have to stop kissing random people!! na jk i've not been well for a while its just sorta developed! really annoying i can't kiss Chris though i dont wanna make him diseased too cuz its really sucks! o well i'm off to watch more crappy daytime tv!!

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

   What's up?
The sky is still up! Thats always a good thing!! Wow haven't been on here for ages!! i think it was like last year i updated!! Sorry! So... everything in my love life is good again, Chris is lovely, so sweet and romantic! every girl's dream!! (hands off he's mine!!) work isnt too bad its getting better because i'm so good so they're teaching me more advanced accounting stuff!! its quite interesting and im good at it. im hoping they'll pay for me to do a course or something then they'll pay me more and stuff!! and of course they're all lovely and totally nuts!! not really too much to report on so i shall check some sites and hopefully i shall be around a little more regularly!! o dont think i said it so even if it is ridiculously late happy new year!!
luv Aria xx

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Wow how much alcohol did i drink these past 2 weeks!! so much has happened and cant be assed to explain all so ill keep ot simple. 1. broke up with Kai. 2. shh i'm with smeone else who i have liked for a long time. 3. i kissed Tess and Rosie last night. 4. Mailman didn't get home last night so slightly worried. 5. Kev and Kate almost got kicked out the club cuz they were lying on the floor making out! 6. friends with Flash now. 7. i want that guy's hat! 8. Aaron bit me fighting for the hat my hand is bruised! 9. went shopping with Luke 2 today. 10. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Love Aria

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