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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Video Game Music
Ok now i know there is great video game music out there. I myself love some of the songs that play on game. For instance i love the song 1000 words thats on Final Fantasy X-2. Then again i just love that song i will always love it. I also love the theme opening song to Chrono Cross and i also love the opening song to Legend of Dragoons. Now dont get wrong i mean there are some songs that really suck! Lol ok maybe i shouldn't put it like that. Ok they are good challenged. lol yes i know i put that. i dont know what eles to put. Lol well there. Ok now i forgot what i was talking about. OH thats right. Video game music. Luckly i have limewire. I can get all the songs i want for free. Lol :P i know i cheat haha. I need someone that could help me. I need to get a list of pretty good video game songs. T_T anyone please help m ^_^ i would really appericate it lol. >_< ok i think im going to bed i think.... muwhahahaha pancakes are going to take over your dreams...........you know somehting i actaully hate pancakes lol.
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