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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Loveless~ The greatest thing since sliced bread!!
Ok Ok... this is just my ranting here.... lol >_< like always....
well ok i started to read the loveless manga ... they only have the frist three volumes out over here..... well i was shopping around and i stumbled on the loveless dvd's... well i got all three that are over here in america and i loved them... The only bad thing is i have never watched the frist loveless dvd...... when i went to watch it i took it out of the case and it broke on me T_T....... i absoluty cried!!! I have wanted to watch it sooooo bad... well now i can't.... so i went ahead and watched the other two and they were awsome!!!! on the last one it left you off wanting more! And me i want MORE!!! lol well.. since i have watch dvd number 2 and 3... i sooo badly want to see number 1... the only thing is i dont know where to look. i dont like odering online to much.... so i htought that i might try and look at walden or something like that.... Do you think that might be a good idea??? I so can't wait till tokyo pop relases number 4 of the manga.. Grant it not i like manga better than anime anytime... but the anime for loveless is just as good maybe even better. ok i think i was over doing that one.. * worships tokyo pop and their feet* LOL ^_^ I NEED MORE!!!! MORE I TELL YOU!!! oops sorry about that i let myself get ahead of myself on that one.... I was also wondering if anyone eles here is a loveless fan? As you can tell by my site! i have changed it soo dermaticly... lol i thought that i needed a change plus i like it the colors are pretty.... lol Man i have written a lot here lol. i was wondering how long i could keep this going until i started to repeat myself... im trying for a long on here. OMG i know what eles.... I just downloaded a bunch of anime and game songs!!!! And yes i download the opeing and ending of loveless... * hides head in shame* lol im very pathetic... more a less addiacted to it.... Its the greatest thing since sliced bread!! lol now that is a corny line there. No i was talking to one of my friends today and we happedn to get onto the subject of corny pickup lines... Our top corny pickup line is.......... *drum roll please* Are you feet tired? because youve been running through my mind all day! HAHAHAHA omg isn't that the cornest line ever... i would actually like to meet someone who has actually fallen for that. lol.... Now that would be a very gauible person... i think it would be... But honestly why do people like to use such cirny pick up lines.. i mean do they actually know there corny or not.. and if they dont... what the hell are you thinking... lol i mean sometimes they can be cute but on the other hand you look at the person and want to say oh just gage me now will you.... Muwhahahahahahaha i think i actually made a long one this time....well i should go ...and stop my ranting.. sorry i switch to so many topics.. i just write what comes to my mind 99% of the time.. i dont think on one thing to long unless its very serious. lol ^_^ how sad of me T_T lol ... ok im gone now. lol im off to watch a movie muwhahahaha .lol
crazy person out! ^_^

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