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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Hey i kow its been a long long time .... well ive been working at a new job and all. hahahaha well. anyways... My intorduced me too haven!!! LOL i know im being over dramatic. lol Well anyways im serious! I use to only read manga manga.. you know chobits and stuff like that. Well my friend intorduced me to YAOI!!! And now that ive been reading that i can't go back to reading normal manga >_< Man i knew this would happend to me! LOL well i was just wondering if there are any other YAOI fans out there. Lol .. One of my favorite yaois is Gavitation.. Well actually that was my first yaoi. any whos im sorry that haven't been on in a long long long long LONG while. lol.. i guess i'll have to come on more on lately. Well i'll try at least ^_^.. Ill see youall around....
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