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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

   Fruits Basket
Ok i thought i would never read this manga.. i thought to myself that i would never pick that thing up in the entire would.. you know what i mean ..... but a new friend of mine told me that i should give it a try and now im sad to say tat im addicted to it.....>_< i know but i love fruits basket its awsome. i like it so much i plan on dressing for it as cosplay next year. im going as ayumi from it.. i know i know but i have to say this you have to give it a chance belive me youll like it. I really have to say i suprised myself about it.. its good that even my sis likes it and she hates anime .... can you belive that?? i can't i dont think thats even possible i mean come on... my step dad loves the stuff... oh yeah i finally have my own apt now... its finally finished im sooo excited about it...lol dork here but thats ok.. well im cutting this one short.. to all anime lovers out there never leave your anime cold and alone... if you do you should be ashamed of your self. lol ^_^
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