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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Put The Big Red Button on your site

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Friday, January 22, 2010

   hey guys.
i'm back again and man does it feel good. it s niec to see you all are still here.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

hey sup peeps1
sorry i haven't been on for a long time but i'm forbidon to get on this site because a virus is getting attached to the computer from being on here. so yeah how is everyone? i'm okay my boyfriend and i broke up. so sad :( tears. but i can get over it. well good to be back1
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I look into his eyes and i see all the love and sadness in them. It pains both of us to know that he is leaving and that i will be staying here. He kisses me and whispers this into my ear “i love you a lot. I will never forget you and i will visit often.” i whisper the same back. As we continue to hold each other and look into each other's eyes we realize that no matter where he goes that i would follow him. We both take a step back and walk our different directions with a final goodbye. As the months passed we got to see each other about 2 times a month. During those times that we got to see each other we tried to make them as special as we could. As the months passed into years the days we got to see each other lessened. Then something good happened. The happy day came at the end of my senior year. I was finally graduating and now i could be with him forever. The day of the graduation me and him went out for breakfast and headed for the college were the graduation would take place. When i was about to go to my seat. He stopped me and gave me a present. The present was a necklace with both of are names on it. I looked him in the eyes like all the times before and thanked him for it. As i headed for my seat i couldn't help think of how lucky i was to have a boyfriend like him. After the speech was over and we finally got our diplomas and got back to our seats. I was jumping with happiness. It was almost over! I would be with my boyfriend soon. I looked over at him and gave him smile. He waved at me and mouthed i love you. I mouthed i love you back. Finally the principle said the we are now graduated students. We all jumped up and shouted with joy. After that we were able to get to our family. I was surrounded by my family and friends. I looked for my boyfriend but couldn't find him. After talking to my family and friends i changed and went out to the parking lot. Everybody had already left and i was the only one left. As i closed the door behind and started up the stairs i looked up and who did i see? It was my boyfriend. He had waited for me so that we could go celebrate our joyful happiness. All the while we looked at each other and never really looked at anything else. After that we went to his apartment and i stayed over. The next day he drove me home and he and i and the family hung out. I was so happy then when i recall those memories. A year after i graduated he asked me to marry him and i accepted. We had a happy marriage for 3 years then the horrible day happened. I was at home taking care of our child who was 2 at the time. We were eating lunch when the phone rang. I answered it and on the other end was a police officer telling me that my husband had died in a car accident. As i listened to the police officer tell me what happened i could only think of what would happened to our son? I looked at my son who was smiling at me while eating his sandwich. After the police officer told me what they were going to do with my husbands body and that i could pick it up at the city morgue. As soon as i hung up it hit. My husband was dead. I was now a single mom with a part time job as a mechanic and was trying to take care of our son too. I realized that i would have to call all my family members and tell them what happened. But first i got our son to finish his sandwich and then got to play outside while i watched from the patio. I called everyone that had knew my husband all the friends and family. We buried him 3 days later. Our son cried for 10 days after that. I handled it pretty well. My mother had said that if we needed anything that we could go to her. But i said we didn't need anything and asked her to leave. Few days later i sat our son down and told him that he was the man of the house. That everything would be fine. Our son looked up at me and asked “mommy will everything be okay?” i had answered “yes honey everything will be okay.” the months passed by fast it seemed like. We went through life like we could. It was hard for our son to have to grow up without a dad. But he did okay with it i tried my best to help him with his problems. Now here i am sitting at my son's graduation with his girlfriend at my side. All these memories come back to me as i watch our son get his diploma. I know that his father my husband is watching over us. I never remarried. I never could. I will always love my husband. As i look at our son with pride i realize he looks like his dad. It makes me cry to remember a day like this years ago it seems that i was sitting there. And before that his dad was sitting there graduating. Now a year later i sit watching my son and his wife sit with their child in between them and i wish that my husband could have been here but i know in my heart that i would see him again. If not now then later on. I'm only 31 and still young and my husband is 34. we got married young but we loved each other for years. Later on that day i went to his grave and sat there and talk to him and told him all the stuff that has happened since the last time i talked to him. I will always have the memories of him and me. I still wear our wedding ring and the necklace he gave me all those years ago. I have never taken it off since that horrible day and i will still wear it till the day i die. But for now life will go on and i will watch my and my husbands family grow. We all should enjoy life while we can you never know what might happen. The same thing might happened to you.

The end.

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