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u can call me angi. u may know me as Karatechick
if not here some info on me:
i try not to be judgmental and normally succeed (so pleeeese just be yourself). i think sarcasm is funny so sorry in advance if i hurt your feelings. I'm normally really quiet...until you get to know me haha. & i have those days where incoherent speech pores from my mouth haha so pleeze forgive. around new people i try to be normal but once you get to know me i may fall into "angi-speech" which might take a while to learn once again pleeze forgive. I'm always good for a laugh...normally at me be w/e...ok thats enough for strangers
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

grr i got a Book "review" to do, not "report"! oh no the stupid teacher gets pissed at that! grr and an essay for the same guy -i hate that man with a passion-. & a "life line" essay for another one i hate just as bad grrrrrr

*sigh* anyway,
so i got cavities UNDER MY BRACKET BANDS (the metal glued entirally around the tooth) which was "not preventable" grrr... so fillings saterday & then (different reason) dental surgery monday!!
wish me luck =)

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

hey ppl
hey kids i got my permit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ik ik those of you w/ licenses dont laugh!! ok so i've been good...bored...but good...plz someone say something interesting !
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Friday, February 8, 2008

hows people?? really im not just sayin that i wanna hear ^^
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