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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   Naruto:One Mission(Dramatic Trailer)AWSOME!LOVE IT!could be a spoiler to some of you.

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*now that we were worped*rather fall*back nto our world,we thought everything is fine.until "she"was there.Megami the person who freaks everybody out.HELP ME!!and in the distance we saw more people we knew.Terry,Larry,Jerry,Ice,and Spice."what the hell are they doing here?"i thought.this can't be good.*
Bridget:oh..uh..hi..Megami.how are you?
Megami:oh..I'm just *devily look*great!
Dice:th-th-that's nice to hear.*whispers to the others-let's get out of here!*
Terry:*stays away from Megami*anyway,bro,what are you doing here?and with all these weird people?
Bridget:they are our freinds!
Dice:*what now?*what do you want Spice I'm kinda busy right now!Go bother someone else!
*Ice,Larry,Jerry holding him back*cool it,dude!
Terry:better follow him before he gets into any trouble.cya!
*guys leave*
Shinobi:what did you do to make that Spice person hate you?
Dice:who knows.he was probably bored and had nothing else to do.
InuYasha:*tail comes out of knowhere starts wagging it*Bridget-chan,can I have some of those "noodles"you were talking about?
Neo:yes,I would like to try some,too.
*all leave*
*at the Ramen Shop*
InuYasha:*on his fith bowl*yyuuuuummmmmmm!
Shinobi:no more for you!
Neo:I say, this is quit tasty.
Bridget:*hits him on the head*WHY DID I EVER GO OUT WITH YOU!
*all leaving*
Bridget:well I got to go home.Oh wait,you guys don't have a place to sleep,do you?
*shake there heads*
Bridget:I have enough space in my house.
InuYasha:*thinking-alright I get to sleep in the same house as the girls!**starts thinking of something perverted*
Dice:I don't think so.I think the guys should come to my house.
Neo:sounds good to me.
Bridget:good night,guys.come on Shinobi.
Dice:night.*gives bridget a kiss*come on guys.
Neo:*pulling InuYasha with him*come on!
InuYasha:this can't be happenning.
*And that was the first sleepover we had with people from other worlds.*
tune in next time*shinobi's first crush and Neo's first kiss*

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Episode 6:The Truth is Unsealed
*we found this diary,it looked pretty old.It had some weird writtings on it.*
Bridget:shut up!this is a very old book.it could go to peices.
Dice:yeah,your right!...wait,Bridget's right?...that can't be right.
Bridget:*hits him on the head*HUT UP!!
Neo:*crying*where is my little damsel.I cant see her.
Shinobi:shut it Neo!come on Bridget!open it!
Bridget:alright.here I go.
InuYasha:are you sure its a diary?it looks more like a...umm..another world.
Dice:dont tell me its...
*all worp into the book flaoting*
Neo:well this is just great,first my beautiful princess gets taken now i'm being worped into a book.nothing can get worse than this.
Shinobi:it just did.
*all land on something*
InuYasha:whats this?
Bridget:dont tell I we landed on a dead animal again!
Dice:its better then landing on a rock!
Neo:I dont think its a dead animal.its..its a weird thing that feels poofy.
Dice:thi-this is a water ballon.thats kinda big for a water ballon though.
Bridget:I-I think were home Dice.were really home.
Shinobi:what is this place.hey there's a girl over there.why is she smilling like that?
InuYasha:this is were you guys came from?what are those tall rocks?*car zoomx by*AAHHHH!what's that thing?
Neo:this is trully an enchanted place.
Girl:Dudes,get off my water ballon.NOW!
Bridget:Dice..could that be..
Dice:*annoyed*a guess so.
Girl:I said get of..Bridget....Dice..what are you guys doing here?
*Oh no!its her,the girl who freaks everybody out!HELP US!!*
next time on MEMORY.episode 7:WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Episode 5:The Forgotten Diary
*well you are all probably thinking"what the hell is going on here?"well its a stupid story with stupid characters.anyway because of...whats her name again?....Sandy?anyway she got away and with Zelda,too.oh and i forgot in the profile there is another character.her name is Megami.*
*In the middle of knowhere,again*
Bridget:hmmmm..i think its this way.
Dice:were lost..arn't we?
Bridget:......of course not.*puppy eyes*don't you trust me?
InuYasha:uhhh..of course we do.*stomps on Dice's foot*DON'T WE!
Shinobi:stop arguing its already bad enough with werewolf boy here.
Neo:what's that suppose to mean?
Shinobi:it means that*caughs*1.your annoying.2.your change of attitude is evin more annoying.3.your stupid.4.your....
Neo:alright i get it!
InuYasha:anyway..I'M HUNGRY!!!
Bridget:arn't you always?
Dice:hey look there is a....castle?
Shinobi:o.k this is really freaking me out!
Neo:let's go.maybe we can find my prin....i mean some food.
*inside the castle*
Dice:wow! this reminds me of Bridget's room.
Bridget:*pissed hits him on the head*YOUR PUSHIN' IT!!
InuYasha:hey look..a book.its got something written on it.d-d-iaria?ewwwww!
Shinobi:it says "Diary" you moron!
Neo:oooooohhhh! a diary!lets see whats inside!
Bridget:NO!guys arn't allowed to read a girls diary.its a persons book of private thoughts.
Dice:so were not going to look?
Bridget:*excitement*are you crazy!I want to see what's inside!
All:wow she changed.
Shinobi:well lets see what's inside.
Dice and InuYasha:I WANT FOOD!!!
Neo:ahhh the smell of secrets.i cant wait.
*and inside was.....a secret.u got to read the next episode to find out*
pisode 6:the truth is unsealed!

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Episode 4 *Evil will follow us into th future and beyond*
*-caughs- as we went looking for Zelda,we spotted her tide over a huge lava pit!-don't ask we didn't know where the pit came from either -.-".
Shinobi:i have a question.dose your sister have dog ears?
Shinobi:oh nothing,its just that there's a girl that looks exactly like her hanging over that lava pit.
Bridget:*thinking-she dosn't really care dose she*
Neo:*a HUGE change of attitude* ahh,there she is my damsel in distress.don't worry my love.I'm coming.*banana comes out of knowhere he falls*
Girl:not so fast you pisses of crap!
Shinobi and InuYasha:hey who you calling crap!!
Bridget:who are you?some kind of...hoocker?
Girl:*falls*NOOO!! i am Candie.
InuYasha:*drools*yummm i love candy!!!!
Bridget:*knocks him out*stay asleep!!
Candie:NOOOOO!!!I AM EVIL!!!
Shinobi:yeah anyway,Sandy..
Candie:IT'S CANDIE!!!!!
Shinobi:*quit amused* yeah well Blandy all we want is...
Candie:NOOO get it in your stupid small sculs already it's Candie.C-A-N-D-I-E.!!!
Zelda:sorry for interrupting your "very"important conversation but could SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN!!!!
Candie:*caugh* you guys can never get her back.*disapears with Zelda*
InuYasha:well,there she goes.guess we have to follow her....somehow.
Bridget:*why dose nobody care?*
Dice*wakes up.crying*where did the candy go?
Neo:NOOOO come back to me my princess!!!
Shinobi:oh well guess we have no other choice then.
*well that is the end of bravery and the beginning of stupidity for us.*
c u next time.
episode 5*the forgoten diary*

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

   LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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   i cant stop laughing!!HELP ME!!!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Anime Dance Off!!!

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