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Monday, July 10, 2006

Episode 3
*on our last trip into the country of Ouran we met new freinds who came with us on our journey threw mysterious places.when we were in the forest,we spotted a little white fox.in our world they dont exist but here they are rare.so we followd it into a dark hole.as smart as we seemed we thought of fowllowing it into the hole.and again we were falling and falling.we landed in a dark place with no trees water or buildings."wet again a nother wierd world" i thought but that wasnt it.when i turned around i saw that zelda and Dice were missing!*
Bridget:Diiiccee!!!Zeeelllddaaa-sssaaann!!!were are you guys?this is not the right time to play around you idiots!
Inuyasha:maybe somebody took them!*now im all alone with a human girl a very cute human girl*so i guess that leaves us two alone.all by ourselves.8looking around*hey!were did you go?!
Bridget:huh?did you say something?
Inuyasha:*flls over*
Bridget:hey who's that over there?it looks like a guy with elfish ears.and over there a girl with a Kantana!this dosnt look good Inuyasha.Inuyasha?
Inuyasha:*yelling happily*hey there have you guys seen a girl with dog ears and a boy with whit and black hair?
Bridget:*sarcastic*wow that helped a lot Inuyasha.
Guy:looking for this*holding Dice b his hair*I HATE HUMANS!
Girl:SHUT IT! now let go of the boy!NOW!!!
Guy:why should i listen to a human girl who dosnt even have the guts to fight me!
Bridget:escuse me but who are you?
Guy:I am Neo Wolfen almighty ruler to all werewolves!
Girl: and i am Shinobi almighty ruler of theivs.
Bridget:can i have my boyfreind back?so that we can get going.we need to find our other freind who got lost after landing here.
Neo Wolfen:fine take this dirty thing and get out of my...wait what kind of girl is this girl you talk about?
Inuyasha:her name is Zedla and she is a hanyou.she's not very strong but she can kick anybody's ass even yours!
Neo Wolfen:we will see about the.fine i will help u but mind that u keep yourself away from me or else.
Shinobi:i'll go to, there is no way that i will let a girl get into a werewolves hands.
Bridget:*sighs*hope we find her quick.
*and thus begins another journey.who will we meet next?why does Neo want to come with us and why does Shinobi want to come two?*
Episode 4 *evil will fowlow us into the future and beyond*

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   this is hilarious!!!

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Episode 2
*When we last met we were about to enter a huge battlefield,and all these weird creatures were all around fighting.Humans.We were very confused about it all when somebody grabed us and took us into the cave. It was a girl but instead of human ears she had these dog ears*
Girl:what are you guys doing out there without your weapons!?Its really dangerous.
Dice:no kiddin'!hey! whats with the ears?*walks over and starts pulling on them*
Girl:hey stop that!you MORON!!
Dice: who you calling "MORON" Moron!
Bridget:*sweatdrop*now,now calm down you two.who are you?
Girl:I'm Zelda.sister of Inyuasha and Seshomaru.and you are?
Bridget:I'm Bridget Mineko and this is Dice.
Zelda:ahhh so the moron does have a name. I thought he was your pet or something.
Dice:*really pissed* are you starting something here.I know the ancient art of....Origami!!!
Zelda:paper folding? whacha gonna do?give me a paper cut?
Bridget:you two just calm down,PLEASE!umm.Zelda-san can u tell us were we are and what is happening?
Zelda:sure.you are in a country called Ouran and what is happening is a battle between humans and youkai,well and me and my brother inu-chan are hanyou.
Dice:how did this all happen?
Zelda:well, the humans are accusing us of stealing the "shard necklace" but we who have been at peace for some time disagree,and now as you can see there is a bloody-war going on outside.
Dice:whats this "shard necklace"?
Zelda: its a powerfull necklace that can turn an hanyou or youkai into a full demon.we should get out of here we cant talk with all the fighting.
*we all escaped the bloody-war behind us and into Zelda-san's house.it was a small place but really cumfy.later on we met her brother Inuysha.but strangely there was no Seshomaru. they told us that he was evil and ddn't have the right to be in there familly.we stayed for a while we told them our story they looked at eachother as if we were crazy!*
Inuyasha:well, that was a weird story whet intersting i would like to go to a world were i can eat "noodles".
Zelda:can we come with you.we have no future here with the war.
Bridget:I dont see why not.What you think Dice?
Dice:As long as that moron stays away from me I'm fine!!
Zelda:who you calling a "MORON" atleast i dont use "origami" to threat people!
Inuyasha:this is going to be a looonngg trip dont you think Bridget-chan?
Bridget:yup,but its going to be fun!
*and so we have met two new freinds.1.who later on became my best freind and the othe who later on became buds with Dice*
next time on "MEMORY" we enter a world were there is nolace to hinde or sleep!
episode 3 "who is that in the shadows?"

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   Naruto's World

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

   I LOVE IT !!!!

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   this song fits REALLY well with this amv. ENJOY!

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