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hello guys and girls.
welcome to 'my' myOtaku.
here on the left side we have some basic stuff about me.
if you just wanna chat some you can email me or add my to MSN, apiekind@hotmail.com ... note my email is apiekind@gmail.com but for MSN purposes use the other one.

anyways enjoy yourself here and thx for the visit.
and don't leave before making you're mark on my GB!

cheers :)

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

   has been a long time

like i said, a long time.
so i thought i'll just say something about whats happening and so on.

comment on this, if it interests you :)

now lets see, havn't made any wallpapers recently, a bit busy with other things.
i'm trying to get a site up on the net.
a designing site to be precise, with a forum and all that were you can ask for some help and advise to better your design skills.
well almost something like that.
more or less the main site's gonna be sort off me and my friend's portfolio with the forum just there for fun and newbie designers.

apart from that i made myself a myspace, here's the link http://www.myspace.com/dieboskind, other than that i basicaly just sit and chill.

i start working in april so the chilling part will dissapear and i'll be as busy as ever.

o yes and i might make a few wallpapers again, but not of naruto. i sorta lost interest cause i started watchin dbz again :)
but i'll still pop a naruto wallpaper from time to time.

last but not least, thx to all you guys that have signed my GB and for downloading my wallpapers, even if you just visited the site.

have a good one and i'll try to post some more stuff on here in the future.

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