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Ok well this is my site. I do what i can to make it good but its not that great. I like many different animes iv seen so many but rurouni kenshin has to be my fav though. I'm a geek or a nerd if you will all i do is play video games, draw and spend my time on the computer. So my life isnt very exciting ...well.. enjoy my site :-)

Fartmaster745 is one of my very good friends and has been for awhile do me a favor and go check out his site too hes pretty good at making sites.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

   I'm Back!!!
Hey sry i havent posted in awhile iv been a little busy. But hey i got some pics of my dog which i posted about in my last post. His name is Meeko and this is one of the pics i got of him. Enjoy
My Dog
He's a cute lil puppy.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

HaHa Funny Dog

Today it rained not just a sprinkle but for like 20 minutes it POURED. Usually when i get home from school i take my dog outside to go to the bathroom but today since it was raining my yard was pretty much flooded. I still had to take him out so he didnt pee on the rug so i took him out and he was sooo scared. Every time he got hit by a rain drop he would jump and turn around looking like someone called him or something. Then he went up to the giant puddle in my yard and sniffed it and was kinda confused then he looked at me then (im not lying either) he went over to the puddle and pee'd in it lol. I started laughing. After that he strutted his stuff back to my house like he made a big acomplishment....still jumping every time he was hit by a rain drop. I kinda felt bad for him because he had no idea what was going on i was going to give him my notebook to sit on and paddle out to the middle of the puddle and pee right out in the middle lol. Oh tea as you can tell hes a small dog. Well after all this was over i brought him inside and gave him a treat then he fell asleep and that was the end of that. Then i had to do my paper route in the pouring rain and i got soaked..i mean SOAKED!!! I had to change all of my clothes after i got home. Then i went online and talked to my buddy gerry. That pretty much concludes my afternoon.

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Saturday, September 13, 2003


Well this was another boring wasted weekend doing nothing. Although i found this animation which is pretty funny.....
Click to see what it is

You know im in the 10th grade and i still see kids doing that lol. Well today i played final fantasy tactics for awhile then i went to my friend matts house and didnt do much just kinda hung out. We listenin to some tunes and then he tried to fix his computer because something was wrong and he tried to do something in the properties and then everything went hay wire and went nuts on his screen then after like 5 mins his comp was fixed and everythin worked that didnt before. It was so funny because no one really did anything it fixed itself all he did was go in properties lol. well thats all for now cya.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Kool Pictures....

I found this picture and i thought it deserved a spot on my site. Its from a show called Angel Sanctuary iv never seen it tell me if any of you have. This would be an awesome picture to draw i should try sometime. if any of you find out any more information about this Angel Sanctuary show please let me know. Well thats all for now enjoy the pic. <'_'>

This is the main charcter in Angel Sanctuary

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Wednesday, September 3, 2003


Has anyone just thought of random questions you know those kinds of questions that are impossible to find the answers to. Like how was the universe created: God-big bang. If either one then what went on before that did everything just happen. I dont know. And the famous question of if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Of course it does or does it? If it is true that it doesnt make a sound then does that mean that people trigger sounds and sounds can only happen when people are there to hear them? Another i thought of is if you have a goaly in hockey that always blocks the shots and he blocks shots fired 100% of the time but then u have a hockey player a shooter that has never missed and gets it in 100% of the time. If the shooter shoots then what will happen will he get it in or will it be blocked? These are questions that continuosly pop into my head that you can think about for hours and still not figure it out. Please tell me what your thoughts are on these questions and tell me if you have thought of anymore mind boggling questions.

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