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Okay, here's the thing! I'm some guy! I'm carefree except for the fact that school is now in session and i take my schoolwork seriously enough! Other than that i'm rather carefree! I'm rather random and i show it when i show it! I go to a school that is basically a prison... not literally but in a sense that i can't escape it is! >.< well if u wanna know more about me then be sure to contact me in any way u wanna, and dont forget to sign my guestbook! RANDOM COMMENTS AND MESSAGES ARE ACCEPTED AND ACTUALLY ENJOYED! ^_^ AND SIGN MY GUESTBOOK IF YOU VISIT! >:O DONT JUST CHECK OUT MY PAGE AND LEAVE!!! i find that rather rude... anyways WELCOME!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

   Very Spiritual
yes, well i'm now the newly elected Spiritual Life Committee representative for my class and i inend to lead our class of 2008 in prayer and all that. yea, with a great title comes great responsibility... then again i have a class office... college here i come lol
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Monday, September 3, 2007

   Labor Day?
Okay so here it is, Labor Day usually marks the beginning of school for most people, for me it marks the 1/4 of the 1st quarter of school. and yes, my school is probably the only school in teh United States to have held classes on labor day! at least it was a super accelerated day lol, we have a Labor Day activities planned with all teh classes and we're having a cookout later, i'm one of the cooks lol! preparet o get burnt burgers freshmen! just kidding, hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day while they can, schoo will start for many people tomorrow and they shall know the misery i have known for 3 weeks already lol
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Sunday, September 2, 2007

okay, i'm pretty good with computers but i'm HTML and all that computer text language impaired but after half an hour of working, i managed to get a CSS code patched up to work with an HTML site (this site) and the code was too flippin long!
but after much arduous work, i found out how to not only shorten up the code but also how to kill something in the code that was adding some unnecessary crap and messing with the text on the page! YES! i finally managed to get it to work, it really doesn't look like much sure, but i'm proud of having been able to do this!

-Update: I'm such a loser... i friggin did all this for nothing, i found the whole image uploader thing for the background and i found the image URL in the code so.... yea 1+1= Fish? i dont think so, i feel like a retartard oh well, waste of time, yes, but i learned something today i guess lol

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   Mewbie am i not?
okay, so i'm new to this site and was reccomended to this place by a friend so watever. i'll talk to anyone whos willing to help me out with a certain little problem. i suffer from constant boredom so yea... i need to talk to ppl all the damn time lol
wanna help me, talk to me, its that simple no?

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Awwww... well, i trust ppl a lot and i'm not really that quiet... ah well lol
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Okay, i guess that i'd be Kiba! I luv dogs and Akamaru is a really tight dog. Plus i think of myself as somewhat an animal and rather outgoing ^_^
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