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An aspiring designer (what type? not too sure now). Don't mind me and my shameless plugs =P

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Anyway, I'm 17 this year, female and from the small town of Kuching which a part of Malaysia. Manga, anime, art, sports (esp bball and tennis), music (I play the piano! ^^) and the computer are my life. Take them away from me and I've got nothing o_O Okay, maybe I'm exagerrating a bit XD

I'll meet anyone and everyone, as long as they're not dangerous anyway haha

To me now, it's all about the art. Well, it's nice to meet you too =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   I love you guys =)
Just a short post (as I rarely post here) to say how much I appreciate all your votes and great comments on my art works!

Thanks again! *glomps*

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Friday, November 24, 2006

   News, exams and art posts
Well, the much awaited exams of mine have finally come. 5 papers down, 5 more left to go. and what am I doing here? =P By December the 4th, I shall be free and will be able to get back on my art (though I've been updating anyway >=D)

PluggingArt Post:
So what's new here? Well, I have a few pics I'd like to publisize:


My first manga posted online. Just a pointless comic on Sephiroth, Zack and Cloud which I did rather quickly. Amazingly, it's my most favourited piece for some reason o_O

Harry Potter stuff

ID for contest in DA.

Final Fantasy Faves

My fave guys from FFVII <3

Peaceful slumber


For more stuff, go to:
My Fanarts
My Fan Mangas(manga at the mo)

So stuff I am currently working on or planning to do:
  • Kingdom Hearts Christmas strip (Sora, Riku and Kairi when they were lil kids, inking's almost done)

  • Death Note fanart

  • Kijou Madoka from Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side fanart

  • Psychiatrist Anna Delves into the minds of antagonists/angsty protagonists comic

  • Tatsumi Seiichirou from Yami no Matsuei fanart

  • Muraki Kazutaka winter contest entry (if they decide to delay the dateline)

  • Yami no Matsuei fan manga (of Tsuzuki, Muraki, Oriya and Ukyou)

  • Anti-Plagiarism Comic

  • Work on original manga (for eg. Give my characters names already xD)

And lots more. I may not be doing all though, nothing is definite with my art xD

News (which people aren't interested in anyway xD):
  1. 2 pieces of my work (because I didn't have time for 3) are going to be in a local artbook called JU-LAH! which means "Bring it on!" in Sarawakian (for those who are wondering, I'm Chinese). I'm only a guest artist there, but if you wish to purchase it so that you'll get the benefit of viewing prettier works than mine, go here for more information on the artbook and how to order it. Will be on sale on the 1st day of Comics Fiesta (16th November 2006).

  2. I am planning to start on a webcomic. Once I have finished brainstorming on the story, characters, plot and stuff, and once my sister and I have bought a domain and get the site running, I'll post a link here. Support is most welcome and appreciated! ^^ More news on that to come.

  3. Very trivial news, but my current avatar features one of my newly created original character. Reminds me a bit of Oriya, but there are differences. I still need names for 4 guys (maybe more or less, cuts or add-ons will be made). Anyone is welcome to suggest names (give me names from different nationalities if possible). Just post your suggestion as a comment in this post. If you suggest a name which I may end up using, I'll give you sneak peeks and extra nice stuff ^^

  4. If the webcomic is successful, I'll publish a doujinshi (ie self-published comics). The main reason I'll spend my time and money to publish it will be if people want it and not for profit. So as usual, feedback is appreciated.

  5. Concerning rights about my artworks, people have PMed or messaged me before whether they could use my works. Here's my answer: yes you can, BUT please notify my 1st, wait for my consent, and give credit. I will especially bludgeon you if you edit or publish my works without permission

  6. Lastly, I am moving to Perth next year (not as a PR, just a student there) for college and then uni. Anyone live in Perth? XD

  7. I will love you if you:
    • Plug my Otaku site, fanart or fanmanga galleries, portfolio or especially, my DeviantART

    • Give me votes as usual *hearts*

    • Give me comments, PM me and sign my guestbook

    • Add me as a friend (notify me as you do so though)

    • Publisize my works

    • Support Anti-Plagiarism

    Lastly, thank you everyone for your votes and lovely comments in my galleries. Also thank you for the nice guestbook entries and PMs. I really really appreciate them I'm sorry I cannot reply everyone. I feel flooded xD Once again, thank you very much and keep them coming!! 8D

    Well, that's all for today's very rare post. After the exams, I'll update more and I'll revamp this site ^^. It may not be a very permanent site though, once I get a domain next year. Still, keep on visiting and feel free to comment, just don't flame, its annoying and will increase my hostility awareness towards you. Toodles.

    If you have a suggestion, feedback or a request, just sign my guestbook. However, please understand that it is only fair that I have the right not to accept (mainly cos I'm not paid xD) Want to see more manga? Want to see more fanart or original works? Tell me so in my guestbook.
    Also, go ahead if you wanna add me as your friend, just notify me that you did so that I can thank you and add you back. Thank you very much for reading and visiting ^^

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Friday, September 1, 2006

Hiatus for fanart expected, due to SPM Mock and SPM (which are very important examinations here in Malaysia). *_* Wait, what am I still doing online??? o_O

I seriously need to be more active in this site after my SPM and I wanna add more friends here lol =P Whoever is reading this post, feel free to add me and drop a line ^^

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