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Thursday, March 6, 2008

I know that everyone and their dog is talking/posting about the new The Otaku: Version Vibrant, but I feel that it needs to be spoken about. I really want to hear all of your opinions of the new Otaku.

Personally, I really quite like the new layout. It's a lot sleeker then the previous Layout, and it is my opinion that the colors were chosen a lot better, making them less jarring to the eyes. Although it took me a short while to get used to some of the navigation (namely, that surrounding the backroom), ones you know what you're doing, its a lot smoother and the option's transitions were done very well. One thing I wish they had done, is make it when you're editing your World, you don't have to select which World to edit when you change to another World editing option. But all in all, I think that Adam did a wonderful job with the Version Vibrant. He really lived up to my expectations with the new site. He deserves a bit pat on the back, and a long vacation, though it is impossible with finding all the bugs. Well Done Adam.

In other news:
  • When I update next, I will inform you as to whats happening in RL and more crap like that.

  • I have made a new World, but it will be for things related to fandom

  • I am in accordance with Jigglyness; the temporary comment boxes are really ugly.

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