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I'm a outgoing, funny, laided back, creative, sophisticated diva. At the same time I can be a dork. I'm mixed with white, black, irish and mostly naitve american so I hate racism. We need to stop trippin, becuase skin color doesn't make a person no more then color makes and outfit. It's whose under the skin and whos wearing the cloths that makes that first impression. So if I don't act white or black it's because I'm neither I'm me. And that's all I will ever be you can hate it or love it.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

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My myspace is:
stop by to vist when eva holla!

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What Now?
One of my favorite poems I wrote.........has a quote that today means so much more to me now.......that he's gone........." as the tears run down my cheek much more than I can bare I missed you today for today you were not there, as I sit in my room accepting what is true I invision my life without you." I gave him my heart and now that he's gone there's not much left. I gave him soo much I forgot to save some for me. Every breath is empty and food has lost it's taste.........what now? He showed me how to live......so how do live without him? He showed me how to breath so how do I breath with out him? My world has lost it's color and my smile has lost it's satisfaction. He was my world my everything........so now that he's gone does that leave me with nothing........ So what now? When my future was beautiful and my past is here to haunt me. What now? It's easy to say move on when you've never been at the bottom were there's no down no up just reality.......if u give something your everything and lose it does that mean u lose everything? If so then What Now?

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   Dreaming of you....
I can't put in words how he makes me feel. He is my wings his spirit carries me so far above this world nothing can touch me.......he is my everything and he is perfect............so when I'm with him everything is perfect. He's my heaven on earth...........when I'm with him. When I woke up and he was not there life went back to being unfair. And I will strive to get him on my team, but until then it is only a dream. (Sorry i ryhme sometimes it's the poet in me trying to come out...)No where I can go nothing I can do cuz I'm stuck here dreaming of you.......
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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   My Birthday!
It feels great to be 18 and wake up and see my diploma on my dresser! School has consumed half of my life other than that the other have was being a diva. So now that theres no school I either become a offical loser or I follow my dreams. I think I'll take the path my dreams and passion for fashion and art make for me.The other path might kill my social status. Well peeps the lower you fall the higher you rise. WIth your eyes on the prize! Your bound to touch the sky! Lots of luv peoples have a great day! And happy birthday me! LOL I guess I'm still a lil bit of a loser.
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

   Countdown to Summer!
I Graduate next Sunday! Woo Hoo! And prom was the bomb!By far I was the biggest diva there and hottest! Summer is almost her and time slips away so fast, aren't you glad that memories never fade. I am planning the absolute biggest party of the summer for my birthday. It's gonna be hotter than any my sweet 16, because I'm turning 18. Well if your trying to have fun over the summer don't be suprised if you see a thick mixed gurl poppin' up at all the hottest parties and cities. (of course I will party responsibly) That gurl will be me. And I will also be adding to my Anime collection like always. By the way I want PM's from eveybody on my birthday.Well good luck everyone and have a awesome day!
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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   Born to bloosom
Prom is on May the 13th...........graduation on the 28th and.........the biggest Graduation party of the year on the 29th and last but not least my final birthday to adulthood on the 13th of June......a summer full of wet t-shirt contest, parties, barbaques, new boy friends, old boy friends, friends, enemies, heartbreaks,romance, laughs, tears, and after all that reality. I'm not a kid anymore life is going by so fast that summer will come and go. Then it's off to college to be a fashion designer and on top that I'm about to get my peotry published and start working on a CD...... only moments away from my first Grammy, only moments away from my first rejection, only moments away from my future.....and only steps away from my goal. When I was a child I didn't have to come face to face reality I could see what I want and ignore the rest.....but I'm no longer a child I'm a young adult and reality has come face to face with me..... but can't run from it only to it....... I know I was destine for great things. There is only one me and no one can go where I've gone or lived the life that I have lived...... that's how I know no one can go where I'm about go or live the life I'm bout to live. The reality of it all is that if I'm a flower then I was born to be a flower........and no matter what happens how bad winter gets one day I will bloosom.The only thing stopping me is my on fears.....and long as I stay I'm not going any where but the second I decide to try I become limitless..... well friends work hard have fun..... follow your dreams and your heart....... no matter how hard it gets never give up because the harder the race the bigger the prize...... and as for me... lol I'll see you guys at the top ;) smooches have a great day!
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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder", and "eyes are the windows to the soul". Then when you look in someone's eyes you see beauty or you see emptyness. Looking pretty or being a diva doesn't make beautiful. It's finding stregnth when you are weak that makes you beautiful. It's forgiving the person who walked out on you when you were little, it's loving beyond your broken heart, it's that motivation deep inside that won't let you fail or give up, it's the times when your enemy needs someone and you comfort them, it's the fact that when people say they hate you.... you just say we're all human and I forgive you and love you despite your hate for me, it's when you let go of loved ones so they can be free to live on in your memories, and it's the fact even when it hurts and you have no stregnth you can stand and say God I trust in you. Those are things that make you beautiful. It's when your hurting and tears are rolling down your face and you stand up although you can barely stand.... at that very moment in time you are beautiful. It is in those eyes filled with tears and yet a sparkle of hope that you are most beautiful. This how God sees us......I know it gets hard but we can't give up because when you fall you only fall but when quit that's when you fail. We are weak and that's ok but the fact that we can't give up and haven't gave up.... that is what makes us strong. Have a great day lots luv but most of all make the best of your day and your time ;)
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