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St. Luminous High School
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Ruroni Kenshin
= 30 anime seen throughout my lifetime

Goals: To get through life, and if all comes to planÖ Bethany, Jacquelyn and I will get to meet each other over the summer of 2008!
Hobbies: Being a geek/loser/loner, watching anime, making AMVs and family videos, making desktop wallpaper/dedications/website layouts, blogging, reading
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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hey there everyone. It is 8am, and yeahÖ I havenít had anything to eat yet. I think weíre going out to eat since my siblings and I donít have school but I donít know yet. Oh wellÖ Iím just going to hang out here until I find out. I already finished Death Note Vol. 9 and read like a forth of Bleach Vol. 14 all in an hour. Oh wellÖ Iím bored and depressed now so Iím just going to mess around with graphic designing and html until we go/I feel better. Oh yeahÖ it was funny, yesterday my mom came into my room while I was working on yet another new site and I didnít know until she had to yell my name. I was not in reality but more like the world of html. It was funny

Well, yesterday (after updating) was a really icky and depressing day. I strained my neck after updating, so I had to lie in bed and I finished the Naruto Uncut Box Set 3. I started Saturday evening after dinner and finished yesterday morning! Less than 24 hours to watch 13 Naruto episodes! Well, once my neck felt better I did some html working on here, then had lunch, went to math tutoring for an hour and got my homework done, came home and water colored a manga picture of Kakashi, and went out to dinner with family. I didnít get sick this time! I think it was the spinach dip because this time I stuck with the squid appetizer and my tuna dinner. It was good, but the ride home was hell. My sister (Cailyn) misplaced a game for her DS or whatever and was having a melt down (like normal autistic children), but my other sister (Christen) was NOT helping! I was trying to calm everyone down and I get yelled at after Christen gets slapped by my dad. I was so depressed I was about to run away since my dad said he could kill himself because of me. I guess Iím unloved by my family tooÖ

Today, after breakfast, Iíll be here typing out my formal outline thatís due Thursday for term paper and study for vocab. After, Iíll be working on my new site again then at 4 I have to go to the dentist for a cavity filling. So not looking forward to that so Iím going to try to eat like a pig all afternoon (without getting sick hopefully) and just not eat tonight.

No, I havenít graphic designed all weekend, just html-ing (weird wordÖ lol). Been too depressed and I canít come up with any ideas. However, I did make a cover for my schoolís ring ceremony thatís coming up. Students can make the cover for it and I want to win, so I worked really hard on it Saturday. I can place it at the bottom for all of you to see. YeahÖ other than that, neither my counseling people just wonít call back nor the physiologist. I feel as if my depression is getting worse everyday and I want help. Plus, I wonít be able to take karate until my depression settles so I would like to start now. I guess I have to wait longerÖ

Oh well, Iím going to end it here for now. Take care and Iíll try to update next weekend

Courtney (yamisgirl)

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My Naruto manga water color My Kakashi manga water color Our ring ceremony cover (that I hope wins). Weíre the class of 2010 Ė the Silver Superheroes, so I had to make it corresponding to our class color and mascot.

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