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Ok, For starters my name is anime name is kali, call me that or i will get mad! I like to create my own animes and so far I have around 5 mabey more mabey less. I like to draw fan art too, like from different animes! I also like Yaoi so if any one is affended, sorry, in advance! oh...and don't forget to sign my guestbook!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Con Review! (sorta)
ahhh...Still recovering from AnimePunch. But I think I will live. AnimePunch was awsome! One of the best cons yet that I have gone too. but hmmm........It was awsome! Kitty Kakashi glomped me, I bowed down to Cloud and his big sword of doom...Than glomped him. The dealer room was okay, could of been better. The anime they showed was awsome. Not to mention I cosplayed as the FullMetal Ninja. Which I'm still frustratingly searching the net for pics. (nvm...I found one! Posted it in my portfolio! ^^ still trying to find more though.)

On saturday, a bunch of people turned one of my friends into a human katamari ball. *tear* i didn't see it. I fell asleep!

I will post cosplay pics of people later today so don't fret.

Now on to the list of things I bought!

*Itachi mouse plushie
*Gaara plushie
*2 yaoi buttons
*Fullmetal alchemist movie. (hecks yeah!)

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Friday, September 2, 2005

   Hi ya!
HEY!!!!! okay i found this funny picture online yesterday i don't remember the site, I think it was a MSN group site....any here it is:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, August 29, 2005

   I'M BACK!!!
School has started! and i am back!!! Last night was so fun! my cousin called me and asked me if i wanted to join a Halo and Need for Speed tournement. sure i suck at both games (there for the Xbox, I don't have that system.) Also for all you gamers out there, I got a Nintendo DS for $40 at a yard sale. OMG that is such a steal! and aparently everyone else thinks that too! any way, gonna work on a new avitar so...see ya!
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Monday, August 8, 2005

I'm Back!!!!
sorry i haven't updated in a while... my computer is slow so i'm not on it alot... any way i have been online to Adult Swim.com and found out that Neon Genisis Evangelion is coming to adult swim...I don't now when but i'm going to go on adult swim to find out here soon... kay i'm going to go now...bye bye!
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Friday, July 1, 2005

Hi Again!!!!
sorry i havn't updated in a long time! i've been a little busy... mainly playing video games... I just got a PS2 a week ago and have been playing Fullmetal alchemist: the broken angel pretty much 24/7... so i havn't been online much... I finnaly got my FMA figures and keychains in the mail from Hong Kong Last week but my Hughes Keychain's arm already fell off...*so sad* ... *crys* any way... next time i go to media play i am buying Vol 3 if FMA on DVD...heck by time i get to go to media play the 4th DVD plus the 2nd Manga will be out in english....I'm so dipribed...not really...i'm gonna go now!

Ja Ne!

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