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Monday, December 20, 2004

emo poems made by and emo kid (all credit goes to
My sky is full of dark clouds,
their sparks electrify the misery within me,
soon the rain shall fall,
killing the small flame of power I posses.
Bulbasaur's vine whip attack is effective against water Pokemon,
Socks are best worn on the feet,
Five gallon buckets can hold drowning toddlers,
I believe that children are our future.
Put the candy cane up your nose to touch your brain,
Penguins relieve mild constipation,
There are Soviet soldiers living in my attic,
So c'mon c'mon do the locomotion with me.

My pain is like
a spire that reaches toward the sky.
Making my wounds burn anew,
leaving no satisfaction within me.
It is wise to wipe your butt after pooping,
I don't like strawberry Kool Aid.
homosexuals are responsible for zombies,
don't put your child in the lawnmower.
Help me construct a pornographic robot,
infants and Silly Putty do not mix.
The Jolly Green Giant is living in my closet,
the Chinese hate unicorns.

funny, no?

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